Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bird Festival walks and talks ....

Bird Festival is now over....We enjoyed all our walks and talks. I especially enjoyed the mushroom walk... I certainly enjoy birdwatching....but mushrooms ..well they take priority in my book. I didn't expect to see mushrooms on our walk and were pleasantly surprised by how many we picked.
Today we slept in...no more getting up at 630 for an early morning bird walk....Hooray

Jeff and I went Mushroom picking in the afternoon and came back with a small bucket and bag full. It was getting dark when we hit the mother lode....We grabbed what we could but really couldn't search as much as I would have liked......I WILL BE BACK.

guided mushroom walk in Cambria...

Pishing Class

That's all for now...I have a few more short videos to add...well maybe one...the Bay cruise video might be kind of boring so i may not include that...the other the vineyard tour....Will see how it goes...but I am tired now and don't feel like putting any video together....
Sorry I missed you Chicky and Dellare online tonight....will catch you tomorrow...hopefully....


  1. That was really cute nob, now if you get those bird calls down pat they might land on your shoulder, head even. The mushrooms were fantastic, there were some really big ones. Love Chicky

  2. I tried doing those bird calls but no birdies came...ha
    The mushrooms looked nice and most definitely will be yummy when cooked.

  3. I liked the mushroom video. It was fun and my mouth was watering towards the end. The second video I did not really understand with all that pishing.

  4. Oh and now I am up to date so get off my back foo.


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