Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tidepools, Elfin Forest and Valencia Peak

Howdy you all,

We continue to enjoy this area. The above picture is Jeff, Dick and Judy doing some birding.

Weather is getting warmer here. So today was a great day for a hike up to Valencia Peak.
We went with our Friends, fellow birders and our private tour guides of the area... Patti and Geno and their friends Jay and Harvey and also our Birding and traveling Friends, Dick and Judi. We will be traveling with Dick and Judi into Arizona starting the beginning of Feb. looking for more birds....

We had a nice hike up to the peak. Saw a few hawks, kestrels and 2 coyotes, and of course great views.

bye for now......I hope to see a few family get going....


  1. Nice to see you in something other than heavy coats, even though that is what we are wearing. Keep up the good work.

  2. You forgot to film what you had for lunch...AGAIN! Anyway, nice place and the view from the top of the hill/mountain/peak was very nice. I liked the view of the ocean better than the view of the mountains....ha.

  3. Okay first...I really liked the way you mixed the still photos into the video. Your choice of music was great. Was very happy to see the comeback of the "finger" and specially pleased at the end when you used the mother ha finger. All and all a great little flick. ha


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