Thursday, January 11, 2007

Birding with Friends in Morro Bay and Dicks 65th dinner

Howdy again,

Had a nice day of Birding with Friends today.....Colder that usual here....burrrrr......
I took some video today of the reupholstered chairs and new carpet...but forgot to do a video of our new TV. So I put a few stills in....
Left around 10 and went birding until around 5. Had a great time ..thank goodness for Geno and Patti, our Friends and tour guides of this lovely area. They know the best places for food and drink. And of course the favorite haunts of Bird life here.
So enjoy the video clip. I also added a short Birthday clip for Dick....Happy 65!
Tommorow starts the Bird Festival, I may not be online in the evening. Catcha soon.

The music on the first video is by Jolie Holland.


  1. I see those birds are mostly water type. Well that is good. Glad to see you have hit the road again and hopefully you will get to warmer sites and more enjoyable scenery. Love Chicky

  2. It's nice to see you posting your adventures again. I wish I could have seen the thai food you ate...ha

  3. Loved the little water birds, they are so sweet. Also loved the soundtrack. Who might that be pray tell? Sounded like a ukelele and a some other kind of strange wind instrument.

  4. Sorry about not showing the thai food....I think i get so excited and hungry that i forget to film the food....ha
    the music is by Jolie Holland I will put a link to her album on amazon on my blog...
    thanks for the comments....
    and yes chicky...the birds here are mostly the water type....
    catcha later


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