Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day of the Condors and Elephant Seals..............

This Video is of the Elephant seals we saw a few days ago....I didn't get any footage of the Condors...because they were high in the sky....With our Binoculars we got a good glimpse of 6 condor. We were lucky to see so many. They had recently put out some food (dead rabbits) to feed them....they were concerned about a young female who wasn't eating.
The Elephant seals were a real treat to see...very noisy....very cool. It was birthing season.

Dick took this picture of this sweet western bluebird with my camera using his scope..nice

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by dawnjeffprodigynet

Elephant seals , condor and the Mission


  1. What a noisy bunch of seals. Looks like they were fun to watch. I guess no one dared walk out onto the beach. Are there regulations concerning that?

  2. yeah...not allowed to walk out there with the seals..and i think that is for your own protection as well..


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