Thursday, January 18, 2007

Morning Walk with Mr. Curlew. Butterflies and Friends

This is what we did yesterday....A nice morning walk. I walked with Mr. Curlew. Later in the day we went to see where the Monarch butterflies are Hanging out...then onto a birding walk and beach again. Nice Day.

Webshots Photos here.... or watch the webshots slideshow below

morro bay birdfest pics and more

music on the Video is Yo-Yo Ma
Butterflies Day Out

check out the butterfly banding video on this


  1. Wonderful, never saw so many butterflies all in one place. What a site to behold. Love Chicky

  2. Oh my...what a lovely video, also enjoyed the still show. Pictures were great, some were really incredible. I loved your sweet little bird friend...what a cutie


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