Monday, May 02, 2011

Rose with water droplets

Howdee All,

Jeff and I are at the New River Birding and Nature Festival.

Having a Grand time…It truly is a Wonderful place with Awesome Naturalists.

Today was the first day.

Water droplets and flowers_008

I have lots to share…but no time to put it all together..

Water droplets and flowers_010 (1)

So I leave you this Water droplet rose…

Water droplets and flowers_012

You know I have a love of Water droplets lately…

Water droplets and flowers_013

Luckily today was a beautiful day in West Virginia..

Water droplets and flowers_014Rain tomorrow… OHHHH>>>>>>Maybe more Droplet photos Smile

Water droplets and flowers_015

For now…its time to sleep…getting up at 5am~
Water droplets and flowers_024

See you all in a few days…Festival ends on Saturday…but, hoping to have some time to get a post together before then..


  1. Amazing! The water droplets are so shiny and symmetrical especially at the edges of the blossoms. How do you get them to do that? Me thinks you have them tiny little droplets trained. I am on to you now! =)

  2. Have fun at the festival. Hope you get to see tons of cool birds!

  3. Loving the water droplets!
    Have Fun at the Festival!

  4. Beautiful shots! Sounds like you're having a hoot of a time!

  5. Gorgeous shots, Dawn! I hope to hear more about your Birding festival at the New River.

  6. Great job with the water droplet flowers! I'll have to remember to dry that the next time my tears are falling on to flowers because of all the warbler photos I failed to get.

  7. Stunning photos! Just magical in fact.

  8. Super lovely refreshing blossoms!! Enjoy the sounds like lots of interesting fun!

  9. I love water droplet photos. Have fun at the festival. The weather should be good today at least.

  10. Thanks all...I feel like a broken record...I am trying to catch up on two weeks of my neglected blog. I have not thanked you all for commenting and I feel badly about that.

    We have been a two back to back Bird Festivals...two weeks of early to rise...early to bed and over and over...
    We had an Awesome time!!!

    But...I have neglected you all and your blogs and thanking you for your kind comments..

    Hope I catch up soon!

    Those are my tears...two weeks of birding and only a few warbler photos...going out this week to get more..hopefully!

    Hee training required..these drops were good!


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