Monday, May 23, 2011

New River Day 6~ I want to live in the Glades

Howdee all,

Back to the..last day of~

New River Birding and Nature Festival

A short half day trip to the Glades…

Cranberry Glades, Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia

NEW river day 6_002After and hour and a half drive..

The big blue bus parks and we get out to bird the road near the glades boardwalk.

NEW river day 6_004

“The Cranberry Glades is the largest area of bogs, or acidic wetlands, in West Virginia, a unique and exotic ecosystem on 750 acres. This spectacular and beautiful area was established by the United States Forest Service in 1965, to protect and preserve over 60 unique plant species, many of them descended from seeds that took root here over 10,000 years ago.”

NEW river day 6_003

“The Glade’s fascinating sphagnum bogs are similar to that found in “Muskegs” of the Artic Tundra. “

NEW river day 6_008

“The shallow roots so necessary for survival here do not adequately anchor trees against strong winds.  Thus, the very adaptation which allows these trees to live here can also cause their death.”

NEW river day 6_006A boardwalk takes us the thru the Glade

NEW river day 6_030

A rare Orchid

Orchid…rareindeedus ~yeah sounds good

NEW river day 6_013TrilliumNEW river day 6_016Ferns unfolding in love….. NEW river day 6_019NEW river day 6_020Ok I need some help here~

I thought this was Marsh Marigold

NEW river day 6_031Then I see some have five petalsNEW river day 6_044Marsh Marigold~five

NEW river day 6_046This has six and looks a bit I am not sure..Any help with ID is appreciated.

NEW river day 6_022Water water everywhere…

NEW river day 6_027

Mountains in the distance

NEW river day 6_028

The Cranberry bog..

NEW river day 6_032I used to pick cranberries as a teenager in a Cranberry Bog in CT.

Fond memories of fresh Cranberry muffins..made with Wheaties…the best darn muffins ever…and I cant find the recipe. Sad smile


NEW river day 6_034

A cranberry left from last season

NEW river day 6_038

Pitcher plant

new river day 6 (2)I am a bit obsessed with unfolding fern

NEW river day 6_040And LichenNEW river day 6_049A few more flowers of the Glades

NEW river day 6_053

NEW river day 6_054

Clearwing moth

new river day 6 (9)We leave the Glades behind and head to the Visitor Center..

Overlook near the Center..

Cranberry Mountain Nature Center
Open April through November

Perched on the edge of Cranberry Mountain in the Monongahela National Forest on Highway 39/55 is the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center.  Operated by the USDA Forest Service, the Nature Center features live programs on birds of prey as well as poisonous and nonpoisonous snakes of West Virginia.

NEW river day 6_068High on a mountain top~

I think of this song~


NEW river day 6_069

A few plants in the Woods near the Visitor Center


NEW river day 6_076NEW river day 6_077Just outside the visitor center I noticed this nest.

Robins Nest NEW river day 6_063

We did bird the area~Sorry about my lack of Bird photos…but my point and shoot couldn’t  reach them.


This trip was much to short for us~

Jeff and I really liked this area and plan to return in the future and stay in a nearby campground.


One more New River post left~~

Stay tuned for ~

The People


  1. What a feast for the eyes you have brought to those of use who did not attend. Wonderful posts & photos! Thanks Dawn.

  2. WOW always love your photos... So beautiful!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. I have a recipe for Wheaties muffins. You could probably add cranberries. :)
    Wonderful post! I'd love to see that beautiful place!!

  4. I was there years ago. Your photos bring me back. Love the nest on the lichen-covered branch.

  5. Looks like a most lovely place to visit. Gorgeous flora images! Thank you for taking us along on your wonderful adventures. Always a joy to visit your blog!

  6. Great photos from the Cranberry Glades. I've been there too and loved the place. The wildflowers are gorgeous.

  7. Wow, that trillium is gorgeous! Beautiful pictures as ever - how do you find the time to upload, blog, bird and do all of that socialising? This blog makes me feel tired - and happy - just looking at it :D

  8. I have driven through WV but never stopped to really visit. I will have to change that. The thought of tundra that far south, at less than a mile above sea level, is very intriguing.

  9. I grew up in WV and never visited Cranberry Glades! It's on my list.
    You got some GREAT Shots!

  10. This was one of my favorite places also! I don't blame you for wanting to go back. I hope to take Gus here one day.

  11. Thanks friends for stopping by and commenting..

    Donna M. Simonetti
    Thanks! A great festival should put it on your list of things to do

    Thanks Donna!

    Linda Rockwell
    Thanks so much for the wheaties muffin recipe...I dont know if that is the one..but i am going to try them when cranberries are in season.

    Appalachian Lady were there..a gorgeous place for sure!

    Julie G.
    Thanks Julie...Glad you enjoyed the post!

    You sure do get around! :)

    I have no idea how I do it...I mostly crash after birding all day...and I dont blog until i have the energy.

    John..its really so beautiful must stop and visit

    Kerri and your camera would love the Glades.

    Yes it really is a special place. Hope to get back there some day.

    Isnt is just the most special place? We hope to go back too!!


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