Sunday, May 01, 2011

Where did the time go?

Howdee all,

Seems like we just arrived at Sickstas and Craigys and now we are gone..and in West Virginia..

When we arrived five weeks ago..there were no leaves on the trees…

Around sickstas_011

When we left they were all leafed out..

Sickstas g_010Making it harder to see the birds… 

Unless they came out in the open like this Summer Tanager..

Sickstas g_009When we arrived the Bluebirds were just checking out the nest box…

around sickstas_080 (1)

Before we left…Craigy and I peeked in the box and saw three eggs..

Around sickstas_062 (1)

When we arrived the Chickadees were in and out of the moon…building their nest..

Ten minutes before we left, I saw the Chickies fledge…What a treat! I didn’t have my camera, nor did I want to take the time to grab it…I savored every moment…as the awkward little fledglings left the Moon for their first flight.

Water droplets and flowers_038

I saw ferns unfolding..

I will see more here up north…seems like it’s a few weeks behind here…

Weymouth Woods walk_015Ballie enjoyed his daily walks…

When we are at New River he will be lucky if he gets a walk all week, we will be gone all day birding.

Around sickstas_041Seems like we just arrived and Craigy was starting to put in the new kitchen..All of the cabinets are in now…and the countertop is next…

Craigy likes to sit by his pond watch the fish…six Goldfish..Sicksta put some flowers in the pond.


And Craigy plays in his pool too…

Jeff is always busy killing Vampires…don’t even ask.

Around sickstas_020I found this dead, but colorful bug..

anyone know what it is? > I bet Sicksta Lori does.

Around sickstas_029 (1)Found a beautiful living bug also..

lots of bugs in Sickstas yard.

Around sickstas_014 (1)

When we arrived the Iris were just budding~

Water droplets and flowers_101 (1)

Before we left we were able to see many different Iris blooming..

P1060554Love the colors of these…P1060551I had a love affair with Water droplets

Water droplets and flowers_065And enjoyed the birds coming back from their trip south.. 

Water droplets and flowers_030 (1)

Water droplets and flowers_066I enjoyed Sickstas Garden and hanging out with her…

Water droplets and flowers_158After weeks of searching…I found some Morel Mushrooms!

Sickstas g_032We saw the first NC record Cassin's Sparrow.

We saw what devastating damage a Tornado can cause..

We did all that, yet it seems like it was no time at all…

Where did the time go?

The Warblers have just started to arrive in numbers…and we will miss that..

We will miss Craigy yelling at the Kitchen as he puts it together..

We will miss the Bluebirds fledge…

We will miss the flowers that were just about to show off…

We will miss Sicksta, Craigy and the pups..

Such is the life of wanderers….


Goodbye Sicksta and Craigy and pups…

See you in November..

I hope the time goes by slower then…


  1. What a wonderful post! Now there you go making sicksta Delly do cry again!

  2. Quite an adventure! Lovely photos.

  3. Awesome post! I especially love the last picture...beautiful!

  4. Awesome post Dawn. Loving the bird pics. Also loving the kill vampires shot of Jeff! Kill Kill :) It took us back to the time we spent birding together in Florida <3

  5. Splendid post! A wide variety of stunning images, it's impossible to select a favorite. So many glorious memories ... Beautiful post and photographs!

  6. Great images & great words! This is one of the best posts I've read anywhere in a long time! Thanks for brightening my day!

  7. This is one of your best posts ever. Love this one. Can't wait to see the next thing. :)

  8. I hope the times goes by slower then too...sob

  9. looks like you had a great time! It's so nice to have pictures to capture life's moments in time. I cracked up seeing Jeff's picture slaying the vampires. I guess he is still playing that game.. LOL Look forward to seeing you guys soon!!

  10. Great series Dawn. I wish we had Blue Grosbeak up here in Ontario.

    As far as the vampire slayings, thank God someone is keeping them under control.

  11. The dead bug you found is a female
    Phaneus vindex
    Jeweled Dung Beetle.Males have a little horn on its head.

  12. went to look for the cassin's just south of us.. apparently missed it but have seen many in Texas - oh well... on to the next bird...

  13. Dang! I always like knowing you're in the 'hood!

    I LOVE your water droplet photos. Is that the work of your Canon? I still haven't bought a new camera.

  14. Killing vampires can be very time consuming.Love that water droplet magic and the RB Grosbeak!

  15. The Blue Grosbeak would be a lifer for me. Beautiful bird! Heading to Cape May, NJ this weekend. Tons of Warblers will be seen and hopefully photographed. Hope to see you in New England soon.

  16. Ok..Here I am apologizing for being so late in responding to all of your comments.

    As some of you know We have been at two back to back bird festivals ...two weeks of birding ..birding and more birding...From sunrise to sunset.

    I am so tired when I come home..i am barely able to get a post out and then I crash..
    I hope to be back soon to visit all of your blogs..

    I wish I had more energy...I feel OLD.

    Thanks again!

    use my panasonic lumix for the droplets..
    Lets get together next time I am in your hood...We can meet and go look at birds or picks mushrooms..hee hee

    Thanks masked person for the ID on my colorful dead bug :)

    @John (Tucker)
    Gonna try and get a birding outing set up..hope u can join us..i think maybe the fall.

    Thanks all!


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