Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New River Day 5 ~High Country Heaven

Howdee all~

New River Birding and Nature Festival

High Country..a full day trip to High heaven...

The search for Bobolink

New River day 5_001There you are…silly little mechanical bird.. NRiver Day 5_024…Isn't it cute..

NRiver Day 5_020Check out this cool Video by Lang Elliot …

I love the song of the Bobolink

Flowers delicate and white…..

New River day 5_004New River day 5_008We walk a country road…and look around the ruins of an old home…for birds..

New River day 5_009I love the rusted gate…New River day 5_014

Beautiful Pastoral landscape….

New River day 5_019I try to imagine what this property must have looked like in its prime….though,I find beauty in its decay..

NRiver Day 5_032

The skies look ominous…

New River day 5_020

New River day 5_021

A handsome frog found while having lunch..

I think someone said this is a Leopard Frog..

New River day 5_025

Flowers of the High Country..

New River day 5_027New River day 5_028


New River day 5_040New River day 5_042May apple

New River day 5_058New River day 5_056Wood Betony ~

 thanks Heather for the ID

New River day 5_052Coltsfoot ~

Thanks Heather for the ID

New River day 5_061New River day 5_062Springtime unfolding…

New River day 5_050We stop for scenic views and an Eagles nest.

New River day 5_069The New River

New River day 5_071

A wonderful way to finish our day~

Wine and dinner with new friends ~overlooking the river.

New River day 5_072


  1. Great post and photos Dawn! Love the Bobolink.

  2. Dawn, I just got caught up with all your New River posts - so great reliving the week (even though we didn't have any of the same field trips - darn!). As for your plant IDs, the one just below the Mayapple pics is Wood Betony, and the one in the 2 photos below that is Coltsfoot.
    Are you guys still up at Magee, or have you moved on?

  3. Bobolinks are one of my favorite birds, so sad that they are losing habitat due to early mowing... I love the video! Thanks for posting, Dawn. Those spring flowers are absolutely beautiful!

  4. I am really enjoying your posts. The birding festival is about far more than birds. Great photographs.

  5. Love this post! The video was a fantastic capture of the Bobolink voice -"mad, wreckless, song fantasia, irrepressible glee" - a perfect quote!

  6. What a big song for a little bird! I photographed a bunch of Bobolinks just last week. It's not to often I catch a glimpse of them.

    Beautiful flowers though I wouldn't have any idea what any of them were. Glad you labeled them.

    I hope it's good weather where you are!

  7. Still trying to catch up on all the New River birding posts. I love the frog and the bobolink. Great collection of wildflower photos.

  8. MaineBirder
    Thanks John!

    Thanks Heather for the IDs!! Really appreciate that! I wish we had trips together too! We are now in CT. Had a great two weeks in Ohio!

    Hilke Breder
    Thanks Hilke..I hope that more farmers and homeowners keep areas unmowed for the Bobolink.

    Thanks..yes,lots more than just birds!

    Thanks kindly! ~the video was not done by me ..but I added it because i thought it was soooo good.

    Thanks Diane..keep in touch as you head in our direction! would love to see you both.

    A New England Life
    Oh ..would love to see your Bobolink photos..I had such a hard time reaching them with my little lens. Will go check your blog now.

    Appalachian Lady
    Thanks! Isnt that the cutest frog?

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting!


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