Saturday, May 14, 2011

This blog has been delayed by ….Birdies

Howdee all,

Yeah..this blog has been delayed by Birds!

I hope you all understand.

I have two blog posts left for The New River Birding and Nature festival  to do and I will be blogging about our experience here in Ohio at The Biggest Week in American Birding.

I just don’t have any energy…those little birds have made me sooooooooooooo tired.

I have not Tweeted in real time~just my auto tweets.

I do facebook updates daily..because it is easy…and well, I am so gosh darn excited to be here..I have to shout it out.

So please….except my apologies for not commenting on your tweets…You blogs…your facebook posts…

Its all the Birds fault

Biggest week sheldens farm_055

I will be back to normal in a week or so…See you soon!

Goodnight…I am bird tired..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. So sorry you are bird tired but you did good by having several post already. It took me a week to get one post on the naturalist rally I attended last weekend.

    I am going to have to look up that warbler--I know I have seen it!

  2. Appalachian Lady..
    Thanks for stopping by...will visit you soon..I have been playing catch up with all those who have commented on my posts and I am almost done...

    Now to get a few more blog posts together.

    The Warbler is a Magnolia warbler

  3. To me, bird tired is the best kind of tired. Excellent post on why it's the birds fault!

  4. Oh, I do love your photos! It looked chilly at that bird festival!

    Charlotte (Wing Haven) is about 100 miles from Carthage.

    I'd love to meet!

  5. Your photos from the festival were very enjoyable. Cute bird here. Hope you get some much needed rest.

  6. Thanks everyone...Its raining here today..We birded this morning before the rains...
    Now to catch up on some more blog reading! :)

    Those Darn Birds are so distracting!

  7. LOVE that five people around tree shot ... what a fun trip!


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