Monday, May 09, 2011

New River Birding and Nature Festival~day 1

Howdee all,

Here we are …first timers at the New River Birding and Nature Festival.

Its beautiful here…

We have met The Flock..(A great group of birders and bloggers that met here several years ago and continue to come to this event each year)

We are getting to know this part of West Virginia…the flora and fauna..

The first day Jeff and I signed up for Birding by Butt.

new river day 1_002 (1)We were all served a wonderful Gourmet Breakfast then after a little chatting and digesting….we took a walk to see what we could find.

I was so very excited to meet Jim McCormac of Ohio Birds and Diversity..

I have been reading Jim’s blog for quite a while now. If you don’t read his blog you should scoot over there and check it out…If you enjoy reading about anything nature, birds, bugs plants..You will really enjoy his blog. Full of information …Jim has a great sense of humor and that shows thru in some of his blog posts.

Jim is just as I has imagined him…and Jeff and I really enjoying going on these nature walks with him.

New River Day 1_002Going on these nature walks…I bring no pad and pencil. When a plant or a bug is Identified…I hear the name..think I will remember …and, well, you know how that goes…


Thanks Jim for helping me with the ID

Jim tried to convince me change the way I place my captions or wording for my blog posts…he feels that the captions should be at the bottom of a photo.

I know most people like to post that way…for me it seems to flow better reading a caption or words and then the photo…

There are just a few bloggers that I come across that also write the words above a photo like I do, one that comes to mind is..Julie Zickefoose ..Check out her delightful blog.


A fern unfolding…

new river day 1_017 (1)Listening and looking for birds..

new river day 1_007 (1)

Yellow Lady’s-slipper found by lovely Nina of Nature Remains~Nina is a wonderful writer and photographer.

new river day 1_042Beech Treenew river day 1_010 (1)Here are a few discoveries our first morning

Spittle bug..

new river day 1_015 (1)Blue CorporalNew River Day 1_016Common BuckeyeNew River Day 1_018

Wild Geraniumnew river day 1_026 (1)Wheelbugnew river day 1_029 (1)Devils Urn ~Witches cauldron

new river day 1_037Common Whitetail~maleNew River Day 1_035Common Whitetail~femaleNew River Day 1_033Jim told me the name of this moth~

new river day 1_053and it mysteriously disappeared

Blending into the wood…new river day 1_055Leaf-footed bugnew river day 1_064Crane fliesnew river day 1_067Unidentified spidernew river day 1_068 Fleabanenew river day 1_071Unidentified mushroomsnew river day 1_050Autumn-olive~this smells so sweetnew river day 1_075Turkey tail! I chew on this when I find river day 1_083Moss covered tree river day 1_085Bird Banding time…new river day 1_087Cuckoo Waspnew river day 1_093Black rat snake skinnew river day 1_097Listening for the Hooded Warblernew river day 1_103Unidentified bug on Geranium

new river day 1_115Wild Comfreynew river day 1_120Millipedenew river day 1_129A Giant Tulip Poplar

new river day 1_136With a Hobbit Home…new river day 1_135

Dark Fishing Spider

new river day 1_137

You wont see any bird photos from this trip..My point and shoot cameras just couldn’t get to the birds…Thank goodness for Plants and Bugs!


  1. It sure was fun spending time with yoi and Jeff again!

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Hope you show us some pics of the
    "flock". That gray moth on the
    side of the tree is a Tulip-tree
    Beauty. It's on page 257 of
    Kaufman's Field Guide to Insects
    of N.A. 2007.
    Hap in New Hope

  3. Wonderful post Dawn! And I LOVE to see plants and bugs!
    Keep 'em comin!
    PS - that Giant Tulip Poplar shot took my breath away!

  4. Hey Dawn, great photos! I'm confused about the spider. I thought it was a wolf spider but you have a different name for it. Then again, the person who told me the name was one of the guests, not a guide...

  5. So many beautiful and intersting plants and insects. Looks like a wonderful place to take a long walk. Always a joy to visit your awesome blog!

  6. Lynne at Hasty Brook
    It was so nice to see you again Lynne!!! Wishing you more birds at your wonderful Hasty Brook!

    Thanks so much for your ID..Your Awesome!

    Beth in NYC
    Howdee Beth! The spider was ID by Jim McCormac..he knew someone had said it was a Wolf spider..but he didnt think that it was right..
    It was so nice to meet you! Hope we can get together again!

    Julie G.
    Awe..thanks Julie..It sure is a beautiful place for a long walk.


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