Friday, May 13, 2011

New River Day3~ Burnwood to Babcock

Howdee all,

Mornings at The New River Birding and Nature Festival start with a hot breakfast at 6am.

new river day 3_001This particular morning we had breakfast sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, juice, coffee and tea.

new river day 3_002It rained overnight…and I had some fun with water droplets again.

new river day 3_003

Our destination this day was Babcock State Park.

We stopped along the way to look for Birds...

new river day 3_006I was distracted by

Water droplets..

new river day 3_009Look at this big balls of water..wouldn’t they distract you too?

new river day 3_010Drippidy Drop..

new river day 3_012Of course we did see some birds too…

new river day 3_014Babcock State Park..

The Glade Creek Grist Mill

The Glade Creek Grist Mill is a new mill that was completed in 1976 at Babcock.  Fully operable, this mill was built as a re-creation of one which once ground grain on Glade Creek long before Babcock became a state park.  Known as Cooper's Mill, it stood on the present location of the park's administration building parking lot.


new river day 3_019

Of special interest, the mill was created by combining parts and pieces from three mills which once dotted the state.  The basic structure of the mill came from the Stoney Creek Grist Mill which dates back to 1890.  It was dismantled and moved piece by piece to Babcock from a spot near Campbelltown in Pocahontas County.  After an accidental fire destroyed the Spring Run Grist Mill near Petersburg, Grant County, only the overshot water wheel could be salvaged.  Other parts for the mill came from the Onego Grist Mill near Seneca Rocks in Pendleton County.

new river day 3_021The Fisherman…

He told us there were no more birds around~they were all dead.

new river day 3_024We crossed the bridge to look anyway..

new river day 3_026We followed the road on the opposite side of the river from the mill.

new river day 3_028Very pretty park..with cabin rentals on the river..

new river day 3_030It was at this spot we had awesome views of a Swainson’s warbler.

Again….my lens is not big enough to reach the warbler…

new river day 3_032So I take pictures of smaller things..

new river day 3_035new river day 3_034And a cool rock Face..

new river day 3_037A few last pictures of the scenic mill before we leave..

new river day 3_006 (1)Goodbye funny little fisherman…

new river day 3_001 (1)

We drove to another point in the park for some birding and lunch..

new river day 3_015Finally a bird I can get a photo of..

Chipping Sparrow..

new river day 3_017Another wonderful day..

At The New River Birding and Nature Festival

new river day 3_013 (1)


  1. Oh, I wish I lived on a creek so I could build a mill like that. It's cool that they built it in 1976. I wonder if it was because of the bicentennial or were they just hippies? Ha--just making fun on a gloomy day.

  2. Wonderful post! Stunning scenic images of the old mill. Cool droplet photos. Sounds and looks like you had a lovely day.

  3. There was a Chipping Sparrow - a favorite sparrow of mine :) And some familiar places I missed this year, Dawn.

    Love those droplets! That's how it goes in West Virginnie in the Spring.

  4. Appalachian Lady
    Yeah, I would love to have a mill too...and I would want it to churn big barrels of icecream!

    Julie G.
    Thanks Kindly Julie! it was a super, chilly day!

    Glad I could take you back to see some of these familiar places.
    Wish you were there! would have loved to meet you!

  5. These are wonderful photos, Dawn! I love the old mill, looks like a beautiful place to visit.

  6. eileeninmd
    It certainly was a scenic area. bonus was the Swainsons Warbler!


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