Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bird Blurs~

Howdee all,

Magee Marsh is a wonderful place for photographers to get close up to their subjects.

Photographers come from all over the world with lenses of varying sizes, hoping to capture the beauty of these winged creatures.

The birds are tired and hungry when they arrive and they are bulking up, before they head over Lake Erie, to get to their breeding grounds.

This gives great opportunity for close up photos of an amazing amount of birds concentrated in a small area.

Biggest Week_005 (2)

I however, am limited by my slow focus, short lens, point and shoot camera…

For every zillion photos I take, I get maybe two or three decent, passable ones.

So..what to do with all those photos that don’t pass the muster..

Why throw them out..

Why not show them off…

Who are these birds in Blur?

Test your skills…answers a few posts from now.


Bird Blurs~

Do you know your birds in blur?


 test 1


test 2


Test 3


test 45~

test 5


test 67~

test 78~

test 8


test 9

Good luck.

We have been here in Ohio for almost two weeks..

More posts to come..and even a decent bird photo or two Smile


  1. I can't ID them, because well, I'm terrible w/ IDs when they're in focus unless you know it's like one of the fifteen that I know...

    I have a point & shoot too. So I am very familiar w/ these shots ;) Plus they're fun to look at.

  2. Dawn, I have more blurs than good photos. But m, then I am nota professional photographer, I like taking photos for fun. I will try my luck at iding your birds.
    1 is the Prothotonary Warbler
    2 is the Palm warbler
    3 is the Chestnut sided warbler
    4 is the Magnolia warbler
    5 is the Bay breasted Warbler
    6 is the Black throated Blue
    7 is a thrush?
    8 is another Chestnut sided
    9 is a Mourning Warbler

    How did I do?

  3. Sarah
    Yeah..i think the blurs are fun to look at too. glad you can appreciate them and how difficult it is to photograph a bird with a point and shoot

    I cant tell you yet.. :)

  4. Very nice, Eileen. I think you got more than I did. #7 I believe is an Ovenbird.

  5. Dont know them Dawn, but some are really quite artistic.

  6. Am terrible at IDing birds much less when I can't make them out. But I do admire the creative way you've posted these "blurred" bird photos. Actually they look like you took the shots while the birds were in action. Still pretty neat pics I say. =)

  7. Fun post. I love bird ID games. Hope you are having a great time in Ohio. When are you back to New England. Have to plan another outing.

  8. I'm impressed with Eileen's ids. I can only make out the wood thrush. But, the blurred photos are fun. I mostly use my point and shoot on trips.

  9. Very cool post! I don't think I'd know them if they were clear as a bell!

  10. Dawn, I love quizzes, and this one is super fun!! Here are my guesses:
    1. Yellow Warbler
    2. Palm Warbler
    3. Chestnut-sided Warbler
    4. Magnolia Warbler
    5. Bay-breasted Warbler
    6. Black-throated Blue Warbler
    7. Ovenbird
    8. Butter Butt (I mean Yellow-rumped Warbler)
    9. Northern Parula
    Best part about these photos is that they are true to life - in other words, often the best look we get at a bird is a passing glimpse, just like this! Glad you guys had such a good time at Magee!

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  12. Thanks everyone for stopping by!

    Eileen you did Awesome! I guess the trip to Maggee helped..

    I know it certainly helped me. Repetition of Warblers I rarely see.

    Heather..good try..its hard when u just see blurss..

    Here are the answers to Bird Blurs.

    1 Prothotonary Warbler
    2 Palm warbler
    3 Chestnut sided warbler
    4 Magnolia warbler
    5 Bay breasted Warbler
    6 Black throated Blue Warbler
    7 Gray cheeked Thrush
    8 Chestnut sided Warbler
    9 Mourning Warbler

  13. This made me laugh. I have LOTS of photos that look like this. :) Are you going to do a post on bird butts next? I have lots of those too. ;)
    And what about the bare branches where a bird was only a moment ago??
    Wait! I've now described most of my photos. . .

  14. Fun post, Dawn! Looks a lot like what's on my memory card! Thanks for putting it all out there.


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