Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birding Belleplain and Reeds Beach

Howdee all,

More fun birding in Cape May area.

Yesterday morning we thought we would change it up and go on a bird walk in the woods. We were able to hook up with a group out of CMBO, to bird Belleplain State Forest.

I always find it helpful to be on these walks with so many knowledgeable people..

Besides learning the birds and their songs and call notes…I want to learn more about where they live..and when.

I really don't like to read technical books…So I rely on outings like this to pick up knowledge along with reading other  Birdie blogs.

There weren't many Passerines in the area. We did see and hear some good birds.

Mostly, my photos of warblers and small birds are blurry and distant shots..I wont share those with you!

I did happen to get a few decent shots.

Acadian Flycatcherbelliplain state forest_20090519_001 Yellow Breasted Chatbelliplain state forest_20090519_006   I still like to look down as well as up when I bird…

Wild Sarsaparillabelliplain state forest_20090519_008

This area below..near the bridge is one of the hot spots for birding here.

belliplain state forest_20090519_007    After Belleplain we took a drive to East point lighthouse.lighthouse_20090519_004 Stopped at the impoundments at Heislerville to see the Curlew Sandpipers again and then went to

Reeds Beach to see some Red Knots.

The beach was wild with birds. The tide was rising.Reeds beach, de_20090519_070As the waves came in the birds moved out of the way of the water.

Notice the big Herring Gull, he is above in the picture as well..he never moved…just hung out while the frenzy was all around him.Reeds beach, de_20090519_081There were plenty of Red Knots!

I like this time of year, for bird ID..Its easier for me with their breeding plumage…otherwise I am lost in a brown/gray haze of birds that all look alike.Reeds beach, de_20090519_121I couldn't get enough of all the beautiful colors.

Do you see the Red Knots? Check out their red chest..I love the orange legs of the Ruddy turnstone.

Reeds beach, de_20090519_093Reeds beach, de_20090519_100Reeds beach, de_20090519_126       Reeds beach, de_20090519_129 Hope you enjoyed the birds!

If you didn't get enough the feeding frenzy via Video.


How about you Sickstas and mothers..Are you getting sick of seeing Birds?

Do you think your Daughter, Sicksta is sprouting wings?


  1. Sounds like a great trip. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Yeeeesss! Red Knots. I am red with envy! Loved the video, dawn. What do you use to edit? I should get my videos from pelagics up.

  3. It would be much easier to learn about the shorebirds with such delineation of color for sure! Great photos!

  4. Your photo of the Acadian Flycatcher is very nice!! I've never been able to photograph one. Your beach videos are making me long for the ocean. Incredible numbers of birds on these beaches!!!

  5. I love your beach pix Dawn. That's a scene I'll never see around here!

  6. Hey Dawn, your boid fotos are great and you're seeing some cool birds.
    What kind of camera/lens are you using? Keep up the good work.
    Hugs from Sactown,

  7. Dawn,
    How nice you took the bird walk at Belleplain State Forest. We also enjoyed a nice walk there, with Karen Johnson. We drove/walked and saw quite a few birds! Karen was unbelievable in knowing where each and every little bird was like she truly was a bird whisper!!
    Glad you are having nice weather for your visit!! ;)

    Just love all your shorebird pictures..I so wanted to see those red knots but another time I guess!

  8. Looks like you had a great day! Hopefully it was a little less windy for you at Reed's Beach than it was the day I visited. Red Knots really are splendid birds.

    Belleplain is one place I haven't visited yet. One of these days...

  9. Hi Dawn,

    Love these shots. I also need your help with an ID. Stop by when you can.


    Craig Glenn

  10. There are alot of birds in this blog. Also in the blog before it. Lots and Lots. More than I could count cause I tried but then thought I might cheat and guess. But then I thought I would not cheat but say lots and lots cause that would be true. There are lots and lots of birds on this blog and the one before it. Lots of small ones and big ones and medium sized ones. Lots and lots of birds. I want to see Jeff in one picture and I want him to be standing in with the birds so I can use it as a size reference point as to how big these lots and lots of birds are.

  11. I liked that tan bird with white stripes

  12. and the picture of the flower

  13. I liked the little tiny birds. They are really tiny

  14. I liked the video. There were lots and lots of birds in it

  15. I liked the tan bird and the water looks cool.

  16. Excellent post Dawn! That surely is a feeding frenzy. Love the images!

    On another note, June 13th is a great date for the get together in Massachusetts.

  17. Birdinggirl
    Thanks..It was amazing!

    Gunnar Engblom,
    Red knots are cool! I dont use anything special to edit..Windows movie maker or movavi. I dont have the time to do much more that something simple.

    Yes its much easier for me to use the color for Id..but i know I really need to ID by silhouette and shape.

    The Acadian sat for a while so it was easy to get him..I like birds that perch and stay put..tee hee
    I would not have know he was Acadian..if there wasnt a birdie expert there!

    Lynne at Hasty Brook ,
    Yeah its a pretty cool scene here just about crowds..dont think I would want to be here in the summer.

    Hey nice to see you here..tee hee..I know you did a blog post recently and took out your teardrop ..I am going to get to your blog soon..
    About the camera...scroll down a few posts..I think you will find the posts on my camera dilemma. I am using for birdie pics the Canon with the 20x optical zoom...need to get another digiscoping lens.

    These birders here are amazing..I would love to have their knowledge..but it seems to go in one ear out the other...a bit gets absorbed...I guess the more you do it the better you get.

    Craig Glenn,
    Thanks...You have ruddy turnstones..but i told u that already..great birds! I love to watch them turn stones over!

    The mass of birds is amazing..I am sure you would take some awesome pics of them!

    What can I say..You are one sick Sicksta...and you counted wrong..
    you missed the little bird in the corner on the last photo! Next time i will get Jeff to stand in with the birds..hee hee.
    I wonder if Sicksta Tink will notice she is in the dust.

    So Great that you are able to come on the birdie event in June!

  18. del is a bird feather plucker

  19. beware of the Adele she loves to eat birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Della do eats harmless birdies for breakfast..

  21. del is a sicko sicksta bird snatcher..

  22. for anyone that reads dawns blog.. ignore her sicko sickstas we are immature and we really do love birds.. oh.. except for Adele.. She eats them.. tee hee

  23. You saw some great birds.I have heard the Acadian twice this year but I never seem to be able to find them.You succeeded in getting a stunning photo of one.-Boy those Empidonax sure do look the same.-great photo!

  24. Tink..
    LOL you and Adele are in the battle of the commentors..tee hee..good luck.

    I have to say other than the call I would not be able to ID this bird..But luckily we were birding with a few experts!

  25. OH.. I finally read your blog.. LOL That video sounds like a scene in the Alfred Hitchcock movie.. LOL

    Love the puffy flycatcher.. I try to look at the birdies when I walk but I get a crick in my neck..

  26. The Acadian Flycatcher looks very beautiful with sunshine falling directly on her.
    I wish i can go there right now.

  27. US Pictures ,
    Yeah the Flycatcher is such a beautiful little bird. I wish you could go there now too!


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