Monday, May 11, 2009

Its time…I am sad

Howdee all.

Yes, This always happens…we eventually leave.

Doesn't Homey look so nice and Cozy parked here at Sicksta Adele's and her Ghetto boy husband Craig's side yard. Adelesgard (3)

I wont go into why we have those names..oh why not..

Sicksta..I have four sisters..some of us like to talk about silly goofy things and act like we were 10 again... poop..balls..not the rubber kind,etc…well you get the picture we are Sick sisters…Sickstas .

Ghetto in law Craig..he loves to build things…and he's good at it..but always leaves a mess after his projects. I think he likes the way the mess looks as well as his project.

Jeff likes to organize Craig's shed and tools when we are here.IMG_0583IMG_0579 Anyway we are leaving……

we have been here a bit over a month.

A long time for us to be in one spot. But what a spot!…what a time of year!…what company!

Darn..its time to say goodbye..

Goodbye Blue Grosbeak…I know you are nesting nearby.

Birdies_20090427_013 Goodbye Indigo buntings…you too are nesting nearby.

Birdies in the Garden_20090429_014

Goodbye Cardinal eggs..I wont see you hatch…. Goodbye just found the home Craigy made and built a beautiful nest inside…I will miss seeing the young come out of the house for the first time.

Cardinal nest dells_20090507_001 Bluebirds dells_20090508_002

Goodbye birdies…

Goodbye Garden….

We accomplished allot in the garden.

added a zillion truckloads of poop.Adeles Garden_20090427_001

We finished the Patio…do you see the big flower we made in the middle?

We planted and weeded.

I will miss gardening with my Sicksta.

Adeles Garden_20090427_014

Goodbye sweet Sicksta and Ghetto Boy..

I will miss hanging out and chatting with you.

funintheyard (18)

I will miss our evening garden walks and the walks on your country road..

Look no traffic..adeles around the yard_20090509_013 I will miss our evening dinners.I am happy you enjoyed my cooking...

Ballie and I will miss Jackie coming over for dinner.Adeles, around the garden_20090501_024I will miss making Sickstas bed …Craigy never makes the bed and leaves for work after Sicksta…so..I made the bed… was always fun seeing which pup still wanted to sleep in. Kali was the winner.

Pups_20090430_001 I will miss kicking the ball for Jack.pup_20090504_001And watching him lick dirt….goof ball

pup_20090507_001 I will miss sitting on the front porch and looking out into the garden..Pups_20090430_007 Sicksta and Ghetto Boy have created a piece of paradise..

in a birdie paradiseAdeles Garden @ cn200x_20090428_013

and I will miss every last bit of it.

Until next spring….I will carry just beautiful memories..

Sickstas Blog about us leaving...go there and see


  1. Geez, you made me cry, you bad sicksta you!
    Del certainly has a bee u ti ful place! They are very hard workers and very lucky to have migrant workers come and help them out...ha.

  2. I wish your sicksta was my sista! She has the most wonderful place to visit as evident from your photos!!

  3. Dawn - happy trails to your next destination. Sometimes, it's good to miss someplace!!

  4. Life is an adventure and all about the journey. Every time I move I miss many things, yet know I have a whole lot more in store. Nice to know you have such a beautiful Sicksta & Ghetto place to return to.

    Safe journey and keep the rubber down.

  5. Sickstas are the best but you are still the better half of the half assed sisters ha. Don't make me cry now we still have tomorrow and there is time enough for that.

  6. Keep in memory all those great weeks :)
    It's always sad to say goodbye, but you'll soon meet again... just start planning your next visit, the gardening and talks you'll have, the birdies and the laughter.
    Smile! You'll be back there in no time :)

  7.'s so sad to leave, but as Mel said, you just have to start planning your next visit (although that doesn't help in the short term). (Thanks for your nice visit to my blog. I've added you too. It's always fun to read your adventures.)

  8. Such a lovely place. Sorry you have to leave such beauty but remember, that's what makes the place more special. If you are there all the time sometimes you forget the specialiness of the place. By only going there once a year you never tire of it. THAT is what I do when I have to leave places I love.

    Take care and I can't wait to hear all about your next destination.

  9. What a beautiful place and how special that it also feels like home to you and Jeff. Sistas are so special, and I know you will miss her so much. Be safe.

  10. Dawn,

    This is so sweet and it made me get teary-eyed! How nice you and Sicksta shared a whole month and worked so hard to produce a beautiful, spring garden!

    Safe travels, Dawn.


  11. Such a comfy place to be, you have such touching memories and so many more ahead of you, Dawn!
    Happy and Safe Travels!!

  12. I would miss that too! What a wonderful visit you've both had. Hopefully your sicksta will update you on all the comings and goings of your feathered friends ; )


  13. Wow, you got all the good blue birds (and not just Blue Birds)--I can see why it's so hard to tear yourself away.

    And i see you're another girl with a ton of sisters! (Mine are possibly even sicker than yours; we used to pretend our Barbies were cannibals). Nothing more fun than growing up with a bunch of girls!

  14. Hope you all have a safe trip to your next destination.

    It's good to miss loved ones as it makes it sweeter the next time you visit.

  15. I am sure that all the birdies, flying squirrels, flowers, doggies, del and craigy will miss you too! I will miss all the wonderful postings of dels gardens too.

  16. Gosh, don't know how you do it over and over. I want to see my yard all year. It starts blooming with the daffodils, to the iris, to the daylilies until frost. I don't want to miss any of them and everything in between. Not sure how I would do traveling the gypsy life.

    Leedra’s Photos For FunLeedra’s Greeting CardsPhotography By Leedra

  17. Visits are tough that way..leaving those you love and a place you can unwind and relax..and having a sister you can work, laugh and play along side with is, in my opinion, WONDERFUL. Good memories and good times..but then you get to return..with tons of new memories of your great "homey adventures" to share. A very nice life, indeed.

    Do hope hubby is feeling better..and that your travels are fun and safe. :)

  18. What a wonderful sister and brother-in-law you have. Their gardens are beautiful. And, I think his workshop is a lot neater than my basement workshop. I loved your photo momemtos.

  19. Sicksta Del and Ghetto boy Craigy have quite the cool place. From the wildlife to the gardens. You guys did a great job on that frock patio area. I love it. You will have to show me some of the cool things you and dellado made. I love all the poochy pictures too. Makes me sad for you that you have to go but much more adventures and family awaits you. See you soon Sicksta!

  20. I would hate to leave all that as well! Great bird photos!
    Sorry you missed the birding festival. It was fun. I missed some things that I would liked to have done but there's always next time! I hope Jeff is doing better.
    I'm going to try to go to the Wings Over Water Festival in November. Maybe you guys could go...

  21. Lovely post, Dawn. The last picture looks like a story book garden - it's so gorgeous!! I never knew there was a Blue Grosbeak - such a beautiful bird.

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  23. Thanks for the prayers, I am much improved. Be careful parking in such beautiful surroundings. You will be wanting to put down anchors. Not yet, you have too many new adventures awaiting you.
    Love, Lee

  24. Beachgirl,
    sorry I made you cry Sicksta, Migrant workers are headed in your direction soon..have any projects?

    Shes mine and you cant have her..tee hee..Yes she does have a wonderful home and garden with lots of birdies and wild critters.

    Warren and Lisa Strobel , are so is good to miss a place.
    Was thinking of you last night while we were parked overnight at Bowie, md in walmart..was wondering how close we were to you.

    You are so right certainly know first hand what this lifestyle is all about..allot of hellos and allot of goodbyes..wonderful times.

    I dont know about me being the better half of the half assed sickstas..but a half i am for sure.
    We had lots of fun...will continue our fun next spring!

    Thanks Mel, your so sweet..I am already planning what I might do in the garden next spring!

    Yes..I am already making new plans in my head for concrete rock paths..Dont tell Sicksta..its a surprise..tee hee

    Thanks Kim...YOu are a sweetie..and you are right about the specialness of a place that is visited once and while.

    Thanks Jayne..Sistas are special and we love visiting family!

    Thanks Mary, We had so much fun working in the garden ..making the patio...always something new to do.

  25. Aunt "B's" Backyard,
    thanks..yes it is a comfy place...kinda like yours I think ..with lots of wild critters around.

    A New England Life,
    I left sicksta with orders to feed the flying squirrels and birds...told her they suck the juices out of plants and flowers if they are not fed..LOL

    Felicia ,
    yes there sure are allot of blue birds that aren't bluebird there..
    LOL about your cannibal barbies..they should make those..

    Thanks John, yes it is good to miss are so right.

    thanks tina, You hit the nail on the head...sooo true.
    Jeff is doing well ..we are on the road ..he had plenty of energy..thanks for asking!

    You need to come visit you silly daughter in us next spring!

    I know what you mean Leedra, there is something to be said about experiencing all seasons in one spot.
    I have done that before and love it..and someday I will do it again.

    Appalachian Lady, is a lovely place to go down to the basement!

    you are right Sicksta tink..more fun adventures await..and I would love to show you our rock making technique and make something cool for your garden

    Yes its hard to leave such a lovely place..yeah we are sorry we missed meeting you and going to the Dismal swamp..
    Wont be able to make it to wings over water this fall..will be out west..Oregon. But I think I will put it on the calendar for the following year! thanks

    Thanks April...My sister will love to hear that you think her garden looks story sure is..
    Yes the blue grosbeak is a very cool bird to see. I hope you get to see one some day.

    thanks syam the car tire sales person.,
    So glad you are feeling better!
    You are so right..our tires were growing roots..had to leave..tee hee..

    Thanks again one and all for your great comments..they are always appreciated..
    thank you
    thank you
    thank you

  26. Terrific post, Dawn! On to new adventures!


  27. Jerry Jourdan,
    Thanks Jerry! we are already at our next destination. We will spend a few days birding @ Bombay Hook NWR in Delaware before heading to Cape May NJ

  28. I loved this post! When commenting last week, a brief power outage took me away, but I SO enjoyed this wonderful post and had to return. Your Sicksta and the Ghetto place - lol! How wonderful! What cute cute doggies, too! (I just love 'em! You captured them so good, too!) What a great Sicksta and Ghetto Gang you have to cherish, to remember, and to return to!

  29. Jay,
    Lol...glad you enjoyed my Sicksta and Ghetto boys home..they do have the cutest doggie..I miss them all...thank goodness we are busy and I dont get all sentimental.
    We will do our romp out west and return to them next spring.


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