Sunday, May 17, 2009

White Clay Creek State park, DE, Bird walk with Jeff Gordon and The Power of Twitter

Howdee all,

We went on this walk with Jeff Gordon because of The power of Twitter! and of course the generosity of Jeff!

I joined Twitter a few months ago so that I could keep up with the birds and birdie news and to check out what it was all about.

I also joined Chirptracker which is just for Birders …I thought I would just want to use Chirptracker… but, I find they both work together well.

When I use Chirptracker it will automatically update my status on Twitter.

So …..I use Chirptracker to post the birds I am seeing. I also use it ask the other birders for suggestions on where to go birding as we travel into different areas. When I chirp from Chirptracker it will Tweet on Twitter for me.

I then go to each application to see if there any responses to my questions I ask.

Two days ago, before we arrived at our next destination to bird. I put out a Chirp asking where to go ..what to see this time of year.

I had many suggestions from birders and also a nice invitation from Jeff Gordon to join a bird walk he was leading.

How cool is that!

So I suggest you try both applications and see how they work for you.

So onto our Bird walk at White Clay creek state park.

Jeff was leading a walk for the Friends of Clay Creek..

If you don't know Jeff check out his blog.  Click read “About Jeff”. 

You must read his post about Two Unique guys who pick up some wild American foxes! Very Funny!

I am always amazed by birders like Jeff who can hear a faint call and know which bird it is..or see a bird fly by and know what the bird is by flight. I am getting a bit better…but have a long way to go.

White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_001Ok you bloggers who met in Virginia..notice that Jeff is still wearing his bird blogger button.. How do I get one of those?White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_006

Jeff did a great job showing us what birdies were out there and calling them closer for us to all see. He was fun, amusing and we all enjoyed our walk with him.

Thanks for inviting us Jeff. We had a great time!

We saw some great birds.Orioles,Scarlet Tanagers, Acadian Flycatchers etc...but the highlights for me was the Kentucky warbler…tee is in the below photo on the photo and you will see it.

White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_007

This bird below is a life bird for me..can you tell what it is? Sorry, it was far away and wanted to show its backside each time I took a photo..Jeff Gordon tells us this is a Gray-cheeked Thrush ... I will take Jeff's word for it.

Hard to tell the difference between this and a Bicknell's Thrush.White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_016 The forest was lush and damp and my mind was thinking MORELS!White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_017I didn't see any and wouldn't have been allowed to pick any here anyway..I did see some interesting shelf type mushrooms.

White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_008

There were some beautiful wildflowers. Click on the names of the flowers to learn more about them..Some are edible.

Star-of-Bethlehem Ornithogalum umbellatumWhite Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_002 May Apple Podopyhllum PeltatumWhite Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_005 Jack-in-the-Pulpit Arisaema triphyllumWhite Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_020 False Solomon's Seal Smilacina racemosa White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_010White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_011

I need some help….Does any know who these balls belong to?

White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_018 Thanks for coming on our walk…See you in cyberspace!


  1. Hey Dawn,
    Told you you had to be on twitter as well...!!
    Sounds like a great walk and what a fantastic turn-out. I enjoy Jeff'f blog very much. Seems to be a very fun person.

  2. Gunnar,
    You were so right! you need both.
    Hey did you know that chirptracker will have some ebird connection? can chirp our sightings to ebird as well!

  3. I always wondered what the name of my flower was (The Star of Bethlehem) It first appeared in the back yard the year Grandpa died. I dug it out and planted it in the front yard the following year.

  4. Chirp, chirp, tweet, tweet.. I am still confused about all this twitter stuff.. It sounds like you had some more great birding fun. Thanks for sharing.. I notice that chick is trying to catch up with me because she is posting on your blog. Tell her to get her booty over to mine or else!!!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun was had! The balls look like the seed balls from the Sycamore, London Planetree. I'll keep looking to see if I find anything else.

  6. Great birds, Dawn, and a great guide! I loved Jeff in WVa. He's incredibly talented.

    Have fun!


  7. Beautiful photos! Now you're making me curious about twitter - especially the birding aspect!! Sounds fun!!
    P.S. Is the homey every going to come to Michigan?

  8. Those are Sycamore balls.

    Probably a branch fell nearby, and those are last years' seeds, hanging by a thread.

    Sounds like you enjoyed your walk with Jeff--he's a great guide.

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful walk, birds and flowers and a great guide.
    I want a bird blogging button too! Where do you get them...:)?

  10. Great birds! It sounds like a fun bird walk.

    I think Twitter and Chirptracker work together fairly well. There is a slightly different group of people on each. Twitter also can serve as a catch-all for any non-birdy stuff. I think Twitter also has better 3rd-party integration (perfectly understandable since Chirptracker is still in development). Both are useful tools.

  11. All that chirping and tweeting in the beginning of this blog made me giggle. You are starting to sound like your birdies. Loved the pictures of the flowers as well as the birders and birdies. Hope you find some morels. You might need to go norther though. Miss you guys. SOB

  12. OH OH OH are those big leafed plants in the photo of the lushness skunk cabbage? They sure look like it. What do you think Lor?

  13. Chicky,aka Mother..
    I didn't know that story about Grandpas star of Bethlehem ..I think we need to divide that plant and give pieces to all the gardeners in our family.

  14. Tink,
    yeah ..forget the tweets and chirps you are fine just using facebook...We are headed closer to you..don't be afraid!

    Looks like you won yourself another prize that number 2? tee hee

    Yes you are right Mary..he is a great birdie guide.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Check out twitter and chirptracker..both great. Homey wants to travel to Michigan..but doesnt know when that will be..
    but will sure look you up when we go.

    nina at Nature Remains.
    Thanks for the ID,,Yes Jeff was indeed a great birdie guide.

    It was a great day..As far as the button..dont know who had them made up..but I want two of us want one...Do you hear us WVA birdie bloggers ..where can we get buttons?

    Yes ..chirptracker is still in beta..they are adding some great things..I will continue to use both..but find Chirptracker better just for birding.
    and actually that is all i use both for anyway.

    I think you are right about the morels..norther..
    Hey what does SOB mean..sorry old birders? Yeah I think those big leaf plants are skunk cabbage...dont ask lori..she already win too many prizes..lOL..

  15. What a great birding outing. Nice to know where to go to see what you want. I love the jack-in-the-pulpet. Haven't seen one in many years. Thanks for sharing this adventure.

  16. Great post Dawn and wonderful photos! Congrats and the life birds.

  17. Hey Dawn,

    I actually went to and designed that "I am a member of the Blogger Flock" button as I was originally going to the WV trip. When plans changed, I sent them to Mary to take and distribute. I kept a couple, and would be glad to mail you one out, if you want to send me an addy where it might get to you. :c)


  18. What a wonderful invite and bird walk! What an interesting guy Jeff Gordon is (SO enjoyed the story on the foxes!) You saw some wonderful birds and flora. Look at all that plush green forest surrounding you... "Morel"ish, indeed. I never knew the name of that clump of pretty little white flowers! Glad to know it now. lol on those balls... I've seen them hanging around with Sycamores (and sinkers!) If you get the chance while you're there, check out the Sycamore bark. You'll like its bark as much as its balls : - )

    Looking forward to your next great journey!

  19. Gaelyn ,
    Hi Gaelyn...I am wearing my hiking boots..getting ready to hike the grand canyon..tee hee...
    Dont hey have Jack in the Pulpets out west?

    MaineBirder ,
    Thanks John..I dont know that I would be able to ID the gray cheeked thrush vs bicknells...good thing there was expert.

    Oh How cool...but sad that you didnt get to go...I would love to have one..but maybe we should make one for us that didnt get to go ...that says I am one of the blogger flock that didnt migrate..
    Will go to your blog and email you from there...that is so cool! I am thrilled! I wish i belonged..they seem like a family now..might not let us outsiders in..tee hee.

    Lol..I will check out the I have a bark and ball fetish.
    Yes Jeffs foxes post was great!
    When are we going out in the boat again? I brought lunch and bug spray. tee hee

  20. Hi Dawn,
    Funny how things just fell together for you! Glad you had a wonderful experience with a knowledgable bird watcher. Sounds like fun!


  21. A New England Life ,
    Yes it was a blast! We will be in NYC on the 23rd by the way...Will have to be happy just looking at our lovely statue! too much to do this time around.

  22. Once a Flock Member, always a Flock Member. I love that Jeff is still wearing his button.
    (Of course, he may have just forgotten it was on there.)
    Someone beat me to the sycamore balls.
    I had a dirty sentence all prepared.

  23. Isn't it amazing that you could be birding with Jeff Gordon one day...and I was just birding with him in WV a couple of weeks ago! He is a very funny and nice guy - not to mention SMART and a great photographer! I think your life must be so much fun - traveling with the bird crowd ;-) Love your pictures, Dawn! You do a great job no matter WHAT camera you are using!

  24. Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you both..I am in NyC ..out daughter is graduating and we are busy with plans and visiting with her.

    Susan Gets Native
    I want the dirty sentence to go with the balls!

    Bird Girl
    Yeah..its a small world for sure..Jeff Gordon is a nice guy with tons of birdie knowledge
    Thanks so much for you complement on my photos!
    We do love

  25. that's a wonderfull life, so nature and fresh

  26. You're lucky that the USA have so many climatic zone and you can watch very many species


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