Saturday, May 09, 2009

Why I cant sleep at night

Howdee all ,

I haven't been able to sleep well at night.

See our bedroom window below..I sleep with the window open…the bed is below the window …

I sometimes open the screen to poke my head out to look at the stars..

I put a feeder on the Hickory tree that we are nestled next too.

Ballie loves to look at the birdies that come by in the morning..

but lately ……..

Hickory nut tree _20090508_001in the middle of the night… 

Flying squirrel dells_20090508_002

We have a visitor….Flying squirrel dells_20090508_001A Flying squirrel..

he or she or they…visit on and off during the night to eat from the feeder..

Ballie is thrilled and tries to catch the squirrel through the screen…I wake up and watch for a while..and laugh at silly Ballie getting so excited! I get tired and try to fall back to sleep but wake now and then when I hear the scurrying or the munching of the seed.


between 5 and 6 in the morning….like clockwork.

Right outside our window… .

an alarm proceeds to go off for at least five minutes…non stop…

The film is black…I just recorded for the sound.

I guess it could be worse…We could be parked near the train tracks…or in a city…

Or have a real alarm clock set to go off….


even though I may be sleepless…I love the visits by both critters!


This was a visitor last November at the same window and tree….check out that ruby!

So…… We are leaving soon…

Jeff is feeling better…the antibiotics for his tick sickness…seem to be working.

His energy level is getting better…

Monday or Tuesday…or maybe Wednesday we will leave our NC home..

and head Norther..…with the migrating Birdies..

Next stop..

Bombay hook then Cape May, NJ


  1. How interesting for you and Ballie to watch the night shift.

    Have a safe journey.

  2. Dawn, I wouldn't be able to sleep either. The flying squirrel pic came out surprisingly well considering it was pitch dark outside. Loved the sound of the Whip-poor Will. You are so lucky.

    Glad Jeff is feeling better and can't wait to see what you get at Cape May!

  3. I camped once under a tree with a Chuck's-Will-Willow - all night. I'm off to Cape May for a few days in a few minutes - maybe we'll cross paths.

  4. Oh wow, that is soooo cool. I tried clicking on the squirrel picture to make it bigger but it won't work. I have never seen a flying squirrel. I swear the ones around here seem to fly up to the feeders.. LOL Adele and Craigy sure live in a cool area. You don't even need to go far to go birding. Its right in your own yard. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That is so funny. I think Ruby wants you to come out and play.

  6. Very cool. We have a Gray Catbird that sings outside our window starting at around 5:30.

    I think I'd rather have the Whip-poor-will.

  7. Maybe you shouldn't be parking that exit window so close to a tree. In an emergency, you could never get out through there....
    Stay safe on your journey north...

  8. What fun to migrate with the birds. I'm sure Cape May will be wonderful.

    I loved the whip-poor-will, but I don't think I would really like to hear that song all night long. I have a very loud Titmouse who awakens me early every morning. He's a better alarm clock than a rooster.

  9. It's better to be woken up by the sounds of nature than to listen to traffic, sirens, horns, drunks...

    Great to hear that Jeff is coming along better now.

    We are awaken every morning by a Phoebe, a Robin and a Catbird.

  10. You taught me (NC native) something. I didn't even know that we had flying squirrels here. Maybe only in the mountains? That would be fine with me.

    What an adventure you're having! Belated happy birthday from a Tar Heel!

  11. I need to do some nighttime birding. I cannot sleep because my husband snores, so I wear earplugs. I would miss all your exciting discoveries.

  12. Hi dAwn! I left you an answer on my blog about the warblers.

    Love that whoop-poor-will! I just heard one outside my house last night - they are LOUD!!! But wow - it is neat to hear them, isn't it?
    That ruby crowned kinglet has the biggest red crown I have EVER seen - how cute he is flitting around - great video!!!
    Good luck with your new camera and gee sorry to hear about Jeff's tick sickness. The ticks are the worst they've EVER been here in PA...maybe in other states as well?? My sister got the 'bull's eye' rash and got antibiotics immediately and she has had now trouble..(she live in NC). Take care and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. Tee hee hee... what great "alarm clocks" you have there. :c) Glad Jeff is feeling better.

  14. Damn..
    I know I commented for at least half of all my lovely readers here already..but I come here and my comments to my commentors are not here I go again..

    Question is..should I comment separately? or all on this one comment form? I never know what is best...

    I do like the blogs where they can comment to your post specifically and you dont get all the other comments sent to you..
    But I dont think blogger has that option...Do YOu?

  15. Gaeyln,
    Someone has to do the night shift..last night was a tough one...lots of munching and scurrying around...and a very long wake up alarm around five thirty.

    Yes..lucky I guess..but this morning Im feeling very tired..good thing its raining this morning and I wont pop out of bed to go birding. I can rest after a busy night of critters.

    Chris Petrak,
    Oh..might miss you..we are going to Bombay hook first...leaving on tuesday or wednesday. Let us know if you are still there.

    Sicksta..I fixed the pic so you can click on it..Dont know why live writer does I have the default set to show the source picture.
    Yes is a very cool should buy the property next door and build a nice little house.

    Yeah..I think Ballie wanted to play with the Ruby...tee hee..

    Catbird sounds good..
    After over a week of a whip poor will...ten feet from my window..I find that I am turning off the alarm, by shining a flashlight in its direction...You ever hear a whip poor will that close..for over five minutes..Yikes its LOUD

    Arizona Girl,
    LOL..I see you noticed that is our exit window..Yeah...cant get out so easy there.

    NCmountainwoman ,
    Yes migrating is fun...tee hee.
    yeah..the whip poor will is sooooo loud and I have to shine a flashlight near it to make it stop.

    yes I agree nature is better to be woken by then traffic.
    Looks like you have your own morning chorus.

    Yeah..I didnt know there were flying squirrels here either...I knew we had some critter visiting at night and took photos..also saw a flying squireel pic on another blog ...mystery solved.

    Oh earplugs..I used them when my cat was snoring..thank goodness he stopped.. Has your husband tried breathe right for my dad and sister...
    then you can hear the night sounds without the snoring.

    Bird Girl,
    Thanks for the Warbler help..I need to do that to bring them closer.
    Hope your sister is ok..I had Lyme disease..picked up the tick in Cape cod...took six weeks of antibiotics..but all is well now..Jeff is doing well and feels much better..
    Ticks suck..Do they serve any purpose?????????/

    Yeah Jeff is feeling much better..
    And I have learned that shining a flashlight at the Alarm turns it off...

    Thank you all again for your comments...Greatly appreciated

  16. Hi Dawn, firt time to you blog by way of NCmountainwoman. You present a very interesting life traveling like you do. You must see just about everything!!

    I, too, have had my first tick bite. But I think I got it problems yet! Hope your hubby recovers soon, as that would be awful traveling not feeling well.

    I have never seen a Ruby-crown Kinglet. Your video is so cute of him!!

    If you are ever in Central Pa, let me know...I will cook you a good meal and share my neck of the woods with you. In the meantime, please stop by for a visit at Aunt B's Backyard. Safe travels!

  17. What a fun post, although I'm sorry you're losing sleep!! I've never seen a flying squirrel but am always watching for one around our house at night. Love the sound of your Whipporwill... That little Ruby's crown s really flashing (very cool).

  18. Love the post Dawn- I think flying squirrels are adorable. I hope you see some nice migratories during your trip to NJ! Sorry to hear Jeff's sick. My dad just got bit by a deer tick and is about half-way through his course of doxycycline. Not fun at all!

  19. I would've been excited to see that flying squirrel - nice shot!! Glad to hear your hubby is feeling better. Looking forward to your next stops with the Homey. I'm living vicariously thru you!!

  20. What a view from that window! I very occasionally manage to see the crown of a Ruby-crown, but, Boy, that little guy was just flashing you non-stop! Wow.

  21. HAHA that kinglet is awesome..he must like u

  22. oh my goodness, how wonderful, how fun (and three of my absolute favorite things ... no.... more than three - four or five.) Kitties, flying squirrels, which I've only seen once - ever, the sounds of the Whip-poor-will, and that Ruby! What great footage of all of them! lol on the flashlight to the whip-poor-will to get it to be quiet. For many, many years in this region, the familiar sounds of the Whip-poor-will ceased to be (due to decline) and so it's music to the ears to hear, once again, an occasional Whip-poor-will sounding off - really REALLY enjoyed hearing yours.

    And the thoughts of picking up to migrate north with the birds (you're so lucky! you see such wonderful things!) Have fun! Glad to hear Jeff is coming around and feeling better.

  23. Aunt "B's" Backyard,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    .I will definitely be back to visit your blog...added you to my blogroll..Love that so much nature is in your backyard.
    Thanks for the dinner invite..might take you up on that sometime!

    Thanks for coming by to visit..
    oh have a nice blog and I have added you to my blogroll..I hope to check back now and then to look at your beautiful photos.

    Thanks..Jeff is feeling much better..he is about half way thru his antibiotics your dad..Tick bites are pretty scary these days..check out this link...I might have to see the movie

    Wish you could see this silly squirrel..I might start selling tickets...tee hee..
    Sleep in the homey for evening flying squirrel visit and Whip poor will alarm clock wake up call..I think some people might go for it..

    Earl Cootie
    The Ruby crown was amazing..I think because we have the mirror type windows the birds see their reflection and try to attact what they think is another bird...

    LOL..i guess he did like cat liked him allot more..

    Yeah some good stuff hear..It will be sad to go..but the wheels need to turn again. Hopefully we will catch some good migrations...hey isn't that a song? Oh no..guess it was Good vibrations..tee hee..

    Mel showed us allot of red! Sooo cute.

  24. Wow, cool videos Dawn! I have NEVER seen a Ruby-crowned Kinglet show his crown that much. That is incredible! Do you think he thought there was another male there seeing his reflection?

  25. Larry Jordan
    Thanks..Yes..I think that was what was going on with the ruby is reflective window.


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