Thursday, May 07, 2009

Digiscoping Today ..New blog Carnival

Howdee all,

Dale Forbes from Discovering Alpine Birds has started a new blog Carnival. So lets get him started if you have something that you digiscoped…be it good or not so good…lets support him and give his Carnival a good start.

I am submitting a digiscoped photo I took in Florida at one of my Favorite places to see many good birds at close proximity ..

Green Cay

The shot is not perfect..I cut off part of the little fellows head..But I love it..I love the weeds all over his back.

You must click on the photo to see the weeds up close and personal..

go ahead click..

you wont regret it….

Pied-billed Grebegreencay (16) So go check out the other Digiscoped images..and add your own while your at it.

click on the link below

digiscoping todayThanks Dale for the new Carnival


  1. Hola Dawn,
    I don't have a scope, so, no digiscoping for me yet... however, I'll stop by and enjoy the pics ;)
    Can I submit some 'digibinned' images???

  2. Mel,
    yes submit the digibinned photo.
    I will stop by to see what you submitted.

  3. I don't digiscope or digibin, but I will stop by and check it out.

    Beautiful photo, even with the cut off! That's a lot of duckweed!

  4. Hi dAwN, thank you for the post! and for adding the Pied Grebe.

    Grebes are such wonderful little creatures. you might have chopped off his head a little, but the unusual placement means that you have created a very strong focal point up around the face, really showing off the typical grebe bill - lovely!Happy birding

  5. Maine Birder,
    Thanks for Stopping by. I suppose having a camera with a long lens..eliminates the need to digiscope.

  6. Dale Forbes,
    Thanks for starting the Carnival..I hope it does well.
    Yeah ..I think the photo works fine..not perfect..but perfectly lovely..

  7. Digiscoping seems to be a lot of fun - I'd like to try it sometime but need the equipment!

  8. Have to try it sometime have fun.

  9. Ack! What a total cutie and wonderful photo. I just want to scoop him up. I've never tried digiscoping, but I'm definitely getting the bug. One of these days I'm going to try.


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