Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Birding the impoundment, Heislerville,NJ

Howdee all,

Wow…wow…I will say it one more time…Wow!

Yesterday we left Delaware and took the ferry from Lewes to Cape May.

We weren't sure where to bird so I asked the Birders via Chirptracker and Twitter.

Tom Reed aka TRbirds from twitter and David La Puma aka Woodcreeper ,  John Beetham aka Dendroica  from Chirptracker and Twitter all chirped or tweeted back locations for us to go and I cant thank them enough. 

They all felt that one particular impoundment in Heislerville @ high tide would be great…and it was!

Thanks guys!

Do you see birds?

I do…

Allot of birds!Heislerville NJ_20090518_043

Walk a little closer…

Heislerville NJ_20090518_049


You scared them..be quiet..don't get sooo excited!

Heislerville NJ_20090518_055

Ok ..that's better…so what do you see?

Some great breeding plumage!

Gor gee ous!

foreground right. Black-bellied Plover,behind Black bellied-mostly Dunlin, Center-Black Skimmers, Back- mostly Short billed dowitchersHeislerville NJ_20090518_071

Please do yourself a favor and watch this video..You will want to come here this time of year!

You will ..You must!


   I just adore the colors and textures!

Two Semipalmated Plover amongst Semipalmated sandpipersHeislerville NJ_20090518_009 Semi-Palmateds Plovers..gotta love that black necklace!

and the other SemisHeislerville NJ_20090518_012

Oh..Guess what? 

We saw a life bird…A rare..but regular migrant to the east coast.

Here he is…ok not a close-up ..but what do you expect from a 20x point and shoot?

Mr. Curlew sandpiper

Heislerville NJ_20090518_030   Nicely ..de-curved bill …Rich rufous color

Heislerville NJ_20090518_019Welcome his mate…

Ms. Curlew sandpiper

Just as beautiful…lighter in color.

Heislerville NJ_20090518_034

One more life bird..who's photo I did not get.

American Golden Plover

What an afternoon we had!

Hope you enjoyed it to.


  1. Sweet post- and awesome video! Those swarms of shorebirds really blow me away. Having done a bunch of canoeing and kayaking in the Everglades, I have experienced the awesomeness of those flocks as they come straight towards you, split into two groups at the last minute (at the bow of your boat) and reconvene immediately after passing you... you can feel the wind off of their wings as they pass; it's exquisite. I'm so tempted to pack the fam in the car and head down there... if only I wasn't tied to my desk finishing my dissertation! UGH!

    Thanks for letting us live vicariously thorough you... I may have to get an RV after this phd thing is over :)

  2. Great post - it captures the Heislerville experience quite well. I especially like the video. When I was there, it was low tide, so the shorebird numbers were much lower, but the flocks of shorebirds were still awesome to watch. I'm glad you managed to find the Curlew Sandpipers and American Golden Plover.

    By the way, you have an extra 'n' in my username.

  3. Dawn...
    Said it to your post yesterday...Wanna bird Delaware Bay...but this is spectacular even w/o red knots. What a fantastic event seeing so many shorebirds at the same time.

  4. It always amazes me to see the huge flocks like that, and what a great variety of birds you got to see!

  5. Oh my goodness, I have never seen so many birds all at once. What an awesome experience!

  6. Amazing...I've never seen a spectacle like that. The energy must have been incredible. .....you're right. I need to put Cape May on the late spring vacation list! Love the Semi-palmated Plovers also. They have such sweet little bills.

  7. Wowwy wow wow! That's an amazing thing to see. Thanks for sharing the video.

  8. Fantastic photos! Seeing all those birdies grouped together is quite a sight for the eyes!

  9. Those photos of their eruption into flight are wonderful!
    It must have been quite an experience to feel that surge of power!

  10. Excellent post dawn! I love the video! Photos are great!

    Reminds me of the beginning of fall migration here in Maine which usually begins around the end of August.

  11. Heislerville! That means you were near the East Point Lighthouse. What a great area! I love it!

    Marvelous pictures too!

  12. What a show! The pictures are gorgeous, and the video is breath-taking! To see and experience this amazing journey you've been on - from the shores of DE and now to this beautiful impoundment in Heislerville NJ - I've truly got to plan to see this one of these years. It doesn't get much better than that. Birders paradise! And those cute little Semi-Palmateds Plovers with the big black necklace - lol - how cute!

  13. David La Puma,
    Thanks for your comment! Oh my..Alaska. What an experience..I would love to see that!
    For over 7 years of doing this can you believe we have not gone to Alaska? something always seems to come up in the summer preventing us from going. when we do go we want to be there from May to September..so far 2011 looks good. thanks again for visiting my blog and of course all your help..Good luck with your PHD..vI hope someday you can take your family on a long road trip!

    I guess you get to come to this area quite a bit..being that you are not to far away. I took the xtra n out and learned something new when I looked up what it meant.
    I like shorebirds..but..Warblers are my fav.
    Thanks for visiting my blog..and of course thanks again for your help!

    Gunnar Engblom ,
    You must come and see this..Oh..saw lots of Knots at Reeds beach here..will post later..
    I will visit Peru sometime too..it has always been my dream..and now that I see all those beauteous birds you have..well..i will get there someday.

    Jayne ,
    yeah..the numbers were incredible.What a sight to see!

    It was a great experience my sweet mother..wish you and pops could be here to see it!

    It was incredible and I know you would love it..and would get some incredible photos!

    Lynne at Hasty Brook ,
    Yes it was! glad you liked the video Lynne..Hows Hasty brook? i must go to your blog and see if youve bee there lately.

    You need to get here and take some real photographs! Show me how its done!

    it was a sight for sure...You would love it!

    nina at Nature Remains.
    It was amazing Nina. I am sure, if you were here you would write beautifully poetic about it!

    Fall there in Maine..like this...ohhhh ..bummer not this year..maybe 2010..would love to see that John.

    bobbie ,
    Hi..yes I just took a photo of that lighhouse ..soo beautiful!

    You just need to get into your boat and motor over here..LOL
    or get an Rv..we could do a tour together! I need to get me one of those semipalmated necklaces!

    Thanks all..We are having a blast and just love to share this stuff!

  14. Dawn,
    I loved watching your video and seeing your stills..we wanted to visit Heislerville but ran out of time.. Now I see what I missed! Gosh darn!
    I will definitely put it on my list for next time!!
    Great post, Thanks!

  15. Thank you so much for the video. That was very fun....
    Lots of shore birds...
    looks as if you had a wonderful birding day.

  16. AACCHH - you had to show the Curlew Sandpiper! I guess next year I'll have to take a serious shot at getting it. Nice collection - and awesome when the mass of birds blocks everything else.

  17. Wow!! Lots of birds. I love the plowers. They are too cool looking. You sure are in birdville..

  18. Now that's a LOT of birds! When they fly the birds almost look like shimmering diamonds. So pretty.

    Glad you and your husband are enjoying yourself, Dawn : )


  19. So glad you made it to a new destination, Dawn. It's always nice to see what you guys have discovered. The sights and sounds are incredible on your video. I love to watch large flocks of birds fly like that!

  20. Wow, Wow ...did I say wow. Oh Tweet tweet and chirp chirp and a caaa caa. I am having trouble and don't know if this will be posted.

  21. Tina,
    Yeah..but you saw three swallow tailed kites..hee hee..
    I also wish we could have seen a bird or two together here..oh well

    Yeah I will say it one more time..WOW

    Glad you enjoyed the hordes of shorebirdies!

    Chris Petrak
    yeah so sorry you didnt get to see the curlew sandpiper..but if you do happen to come again when it is here..it seems to hang out in front of all the other birds..in the mud ..not water..closer that most others..not to rub it in..tee hee

    yeah.birdville is right..I cant wait to see your Orioles!

    A New England Life
    yes you are right..they do shimmer like diamonds! thanks for stopping by!

    Aunt "B's" Backyard
    Oh..yes the sounds were incredible as well as the sights..that is why i needed to record that video!

    You are my goofus Sicksta..and yes you did say wow and caa caa..I am going to tell the mother u said caa caa

  22. Oh my gosh-Unbelievable how many birds are in that video! nice post.

  23. wow wow, incredible!!

    catching up here and enjoying it.

  24. Oh man, they are flying so close to each other in huge numbers.
    Do they clash with each other?

  25. Larry,
    thanks! amazing amount of birds!

    Thanks for catching up..I know how busy life can be..I need to catch up on blogs...but will wait till after NYC.

    US Pictures
    I know they fly so close it is amazing to me that they dont get hurt!

  26. NY. Nothing beats the NY skline - art deco and neo-gothic architecture. They truly do not build them like that anymore. Besides, the advances were made in NY - they (and Chicago, which had the first skyscrapers) were the ground-breakers that first strove to build that high. It was a marvel of ingenuity and engineering. Dubai is just covering the same ground, decades later. Go into the Empire State bldg, the woolworth, the Time Life bldg or the most beautiful - the Chrysler- and you will see that the new ones do not hold a candle to the classics.

    There is more to design than tall and shiny. Hong Kong, and many newer, taller cities are very similar in look. But deco era skyscrapers are true gems.

  27. I've lived in NJ 30 years and birded Cape May dozens of times and have never even heard of Heislerville. sigh. I s'pose that what happens when you live in the Highlands.


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