Thursday, May 07, 2009

Birthday Hike, treasures and a serenade

Howdee all,

I had a very nice birthday…My kind of big parties…just nature and a few of my favorite people. I would have loved a few more of my favorite people to join us..but they are too far away from NC. 

Poor tick sick Jeff decided to join Sicksta Adele and me for a hike at San-Lee park in Sanford,NC ..he was dragging…lack of energy..but he plugged along slowly.

My intention was to get an early start to see some birdies..but we had and inch of rain in the morning…which Adele and her garden loved…so we got a late start…Dawns bday hike_20090504_003  The sun was out when we started our hike and we saw a few critters..not many birdies out…Did see a Black-throated blue warbler, and a few others..but not many birdies for some reason.

This is not a birdie..tee hee..look at the nostrils on this fellow!Dawns bday hike_20090504_005Can anyone help out with the ID on this turtle? Pretty non descript shell.

I googled turtles in NC..but didn't see any photos similar.

I bet Jim from Ohio Birds and Diversity would know..he might know all of my critters and plants here today.

ernotherus oderatus: The Common Musk Turtle (Thanks Ben Warner and Julie Zickefoose)Dawns bday hike_20090504_006 The Tulip Poplars were in bloomI Dawns bday hike_20090504_009I adore their flowers! and that sometimes you can find Morels under or around the poplar trees.

none today.Dawns bday hike_20090504_015

Sicksta Adele said this was a Trillium leaf…I wonder what color flower this one has? I guess burgundy.

Dawns bday hike_20090504_010Look at these sweet little flowers ..below..…they flower over the leaf…Sicksta told me what they were..but I forget…I am allowed to forget…I am a year older.…tee hee

I bet Jennifer would know..she seems to know all these woodland flowers. Check out her blog, A passion for Nature.

Running Strawberry-bush (Euonymus obovatus) Thanks Jennifer!Dawns bday hike_20090504_012

Wanderin weeta would know what this is…she loves all these little creatures.the smaller the better…she takes out her microscope...and studies them and writes about them in her blog.

common grove snail, Cepaea nemoralis; Thanks Wanderin weetaDawns bday hike_20090504_013

It was so nice to see all of these little creatures in the woods…treasures…each one of them.

Thanks for coming to my birthday party little critters.

You MUST click on this photo below…

look at his skin..doesn't it look like millions of beads.

trimmed green gekco  Dawns bday hike_20090504_017 This critter was difficult to photograph for some reason..I just couldn't seem capture its stunning colors..Dawns bday hike_20090504_018   So we had a lovely hike and got a bit wet as it rained for the last half hour of it..luckily we had our raincoats.

We went out for a late lunch at the Garden Cafe in Sanford. I had a Ruben sandwich and spinach salad..of course Ice tea..I am in the south, must have ice tea..sans the sugar..

For birthday dessert..

Chocolate chip cheesecake cake..three layers..cake on the outside layers…cheesecake in the middle..


I did not hike in these knock off crocks below…but I did walk around the Yard in them when we got home.

trying to find the singing bird…that was singing a Birthday song to me…tee hee..

Its all about me on my birthday!

dawns feet on moss_20090504_001

He was difficult to spot …hiding way up high in the conifer…but there he/she is…

Wood Thrush

Dawns bday hike_20090504_004

So here is my Happy Birthday song..I took the video by accident..I was sitting on the ground listening….and then tried to find the thrush by eye..then binos..then I pick up the camera to see if I can get a photo..


close your eyes…turn up the volume and just listen!

Thanks for coming to my Birthday Party…It was fun having you join me.


I am giving you a party favor….just in case you haven't yet seen this 

check it out..

I have the photo link in my sidebar..but you can click on the link below as well.

Inside Birding, Bird Like the Pros



  1. Happy Birthday Dawn!! I can think of no better birthday than spending it out in nature with a few important people that are close to me. YOur poor hubby - how long does it take to recover from this tick sickness??
    Your photos were wonderful and I enjoyed your cheesecake. Great party!

  2. Shellmo,
    Thanks for coming to my party.
    I dont know how long it will take him..he has been on antibiotics for a week. I know when I had Lyme it took a while before I felt up to par. I am guessing a month.

  3. I loved your "didn't know I was filming this" video. Even better, I loved the birdy sounds and the absence of cars whizzing by (which is what you would heat at my house). Glad you had a wonderful refreshing birthday. Does jeffy have Lyme or another tick disease. I don't remember you going into detail about it.

  4. A Wood Thrush song is a wonderful birthday gift. Glad you enjoyed your special day!

  5. Looks like your turtle there is a Common Musk Turtle Sternotherus odoratus, aka the Stinkpot turtle. - Ben Warner.

  6. Beach Girl,
    Glad you liked my silly video..YEAH not to many car sounds here..pretty quiet.

    Yes it was a nice present for sure..
    thanks for stopping for my Birthday Party.

    Ben Warner,
    Thanks for IDing the turtle...who are you and where did you come from? Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Great post! Happy, happy birthday!

    I don't know about the snail; I haven't researched the NC ones. But it could easily be the common grove snail, Cepaea nemoralis; their colours and patterns are extremely variable.

  8. It was a fun day indeed. Loved walkeing in the woods in the rain. Birthday meal was yummy. I thought the serenade you were talking about was me and Jeffie singing happy birthday to you over cheesecake ha.

  9. Happy Birthday!!!! Nice find on your adventure...I love the snail, he's my favorite! :)

  10. Happy Birthday, Dawn! It sounds like a wonderful party. You found quite a collection of critters!

    Thanks for the link you sent me. I will investigate it as soon as I can. it looks very interesting.

  11. Your tiny flower is called "Running Strawberry Bush". Happy (belated) birthday!

  12. What a beautiful birthday song! A very happy belated birthday to you. Sounds like a perfect day! :c)

  13. Great post! I thought its head looked a little like a Ridleys but without seeing the shell, and with his head being tucked in its so hard to tell...first i thought a cooter i dont know. Cute though! Thats my kind of birthday, im most at home hiking through the woods!

  14. Hi Dawn and happy birthday! You celebrate just like we do.
    Your turtle is a Stinkpot or Musk Turtle, Sternothera odorata. Did you notice any odor when you were handling it?
    The perfectly smooth unmarked, domed shell and striped face are the key. They are much smaller and rounder than painted turtles or cooters.
    Nice find. They are very shy so you did well.
    And that's my favorite birthday song, too.

  15. Happy Birthday and what a great way to spend it. You captured the wood thrush perfectly; I thought I was outside in my woods. I have never seen a turtle like that one--great discovery. And the green lizard photo is fine too.

  16. Happy belated birthday! Green flowers always look so tasty.

  17. Happy Birthday Dawn. I hope it was a sweet as you are! Great photos of such diverse things.

  18. Wanderin' Weeta .
    Hey....thanks for stopping by and IDing my snail..
    I will google the snail you mentioned.

  19. Adele,
    You and Jeffys serenade was stupendous too!

  20. letspaintnature
    Thank you for the Birthay wishes, Yes I really liked that cute little snail. I think I should go over to your blog to see what you might be painting lately.

  21. bobbie,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes..I think that link is right up your alley.

  22. Jennifer,
    Thanks Jennifer for the birthday wish..And for IDing the running strawberry cool...I am going to google that right now!

  23. Jayne,
    Thanks for the birthday greeting..It was a lovely day..thanks.

  24. CatHerder
    I have been told by my Blogger autorities..that the turtle is a stinkpot or musk turtle..I love many nature smarties out there! Thanks for the birthday greeting.

  25. Julie Zickefoose,
    Thanks for the birthday greeting and the ID of the stinkpot turtle. I didnt handle the sister did..she didnt mention any stink...tee hee The little turtle was at the edge of the path we were hiking...looked like a rock.
    Thanks for stopping by my bloggy.

  26. Appalachian Lady,
    Glad you enjoyed the Wood Thrush song. I hope you closed your eyes and didn't watch the video..

  27. Earl Cootie
    Thanks for the Bday greeting..I saved you a tasty green flower...will send it...and want to see you eat it..LOL

  28. Kallen305,
    Thanks Kim for the Bday greeting. I am having fun with my new Cameras..and trying to get shots of little birdies like you do...So far I am having a tough time...

  29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dawn!! What a wonderful song that thrush sang for you to help you celebrate your big day..always love your pictures as you take your nature walks..sorry to hear about your husband..having lymes and no energy really sucks..but he looks like he is giving it his all...what a trooper! Wishing him a quick recovery..

  30. Looks like "Little Brown Jug", you can almost see one of the little brown jugs below the leaf on the right. Just barely.

    Leedra’s Photos For FunLeedra’s Greeting CardsPhotography By Leedra

  31. Happy Birthday. Thanks for taking us along on your birthday field trip.

  32. That was the best party I have been to in a long time! Love the pictures!!

  33. Happy Birthday Dawn! And what a great way to spend the day. How could one ask for a better present than all you saw. The desert sounds yummy. Love the furry caterpillar.

  34. Hello from France, i am green with envy, we have a motorhome too and go away as much as possible but not a marathon like yours! Will you ever be able to settle back down again when you go home? Great pictures and thankyou for sharing your adventure!

  35. Tina,
    Thanks for the Birthday Greetings! Jeff is feeling much better today..looks like we will be on the road again >>Monday..migrating birdies here we come.

    You are genius! I googled little brown jug..then enlarged the photo and i do see that little jug like you say..COOL..I Love having so many knowledgeable Bloggy friends!

    Thanks for showing up for my bday!

    Oh Goodie! I am glad you had a good time!

    Oh ..didnt know you were back..I will be right over to see if you posted about your trip..
    thanks for coming to my party!

    Welcome to my blog..So cool that you also travel in a motorhome!
    I dont know if we will ever settle down...Maybe just park it longer in places..I think the longest we have stayed in one place is two months.
    We like to move and see things..
    I think i am going to pop over to your blog now...see you there.

  36. That video is cool. I love the sound of birds. That sounds like my ideal birthday. A hike outdoors with nature with close family and a great meal afterward. Thanks for sharing your birthday with us...

  37. Happy Belated Birthday! What a lovely birthday song to you by the Wood Thrush! Very nice way to spend your birthday! And aren't those little beads on the Anole pics unbelievable? It's so neat to see the fine details of creatures that the camera can pick up that our eyes have never seen.


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