Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bluebird on Egret

Howdee all,

This morning I looked out the window..

and spied a little Bluebird. sitting on the back of an Egret...

Birds and buds_004He was back and forth sitting on the two Egrets

Birds and buds_001Sitting on the silver balls ..

Birds and buds_002Occasionally it would peck the silver ball..

Birds and buds_006It spent about ten minutes..

Birds and buds_008Hanging out with the big birds..

then flew off to the nearby birdhouse checking it out for future use.

Birds and buds_009Jeff and I are still in NC parked in my Sickstas side yard.

Birds and buds_010We plan on staying a few more days before heading south along the coast.

Birds and buds_014

I will miss watching the birds here…I have  never been to anyone's home that has as much bird activity as here.

We hope to come back thru the area on our way north to catch some migration.

Always a treat to see the what shows up here.


Eastern Bluebird

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