Monday, January 09, 2012

Walkin Weymouth Woods and Wonky tree

Howdee all,

Finally got Jeff off his Vampire butt and out for a walk….well, he has had a bad back he has an excuse for not walking..

He was slow on this walk..

We went to one of our favorite close by places to bird.

Weymouth Woods..

IMG_2503Home of Long-needled Pines and the Red-cockaded Woodpeckers

We saw a few..I didn’t bring my big point and shoot so I didn’t even try to take a photo of the Cockaded way up in the pines…instead I just used my bins and enjoyed them.

IMG_2504Most of these photos are taken with my ipod Touch.

We came across this Wonky barked tree…that’s not the real name..Anyone know what it is?

IMG_2506Anyway, I took these pictures from different angles..

North carolina_007So you could see how Wonky the bark is..

IMG_2507North carolina_005On the way back we saw this burned out tree, It looked like it was going to yell at me..So I snapped a quick photo and ran away..

North carolina_008It was a nice afternoon walk in the pines…

IMG_2511The late afternoon sun was lighting up the grasses..

IMG_2513A  pine cone…sits on the edge of the sandy soil path..


And Jeff heads back to play Vampires…as I snap a few more photos with my ipod Touch.

North carolina_009


  1. That's a beautiful pine forest but the "wonky" bark doesn't look pineish. Glad Jeff could out for a bit.

  2. Any walk, especially the nice slow ones, is wonderful for the soul and the back.

  3. Hello Dawn! sorry to hear Jeff's back is giving him problems! I like the made up name of that tree! Who cares what the real one is now! Nice walk. I would love to see that Red-cockaded woodpecker!

  4. Hi Dawn, hope Jeff's back feels better soon. Lovely photos. I have a bark ID guide but it is just for the northeast, so no help, very interesting tree though.

  5. Looks like a nice walk. I wouldn't know what tree that is--really strange bark. It almost looks like it is diseased. Walking is good for a back back--it has helped me as long as I don't overdo it.

  6. As always, it looks as though you two are enjoying life. You'll have to get Jeff doing some pilates to fix that back. Our weather has been very mild. lots of time outdoors. Can't tell too much about your tree, maybe shagbark hickory? I'll be in touch re: coach choices for poor retired sewer worker soon.

  7. Hi Dawn, I hope Jeff feels better soon. I enjoyed your [post and photos. Especially the wonky bark and the yelling tree. Happy Birding and have a great day.

  8. Sorry to hear about Jeff's back-I was in the same situation for a few days. That tree looks like it might start talking and kick you out of the forest.It's a Wizard of Oz Shagbark I believe.

  9. What a gorgeous area. Those photos are wonderful. I love big trees!

    I've been looking at your bloglist and what a great source of blogs and information. I'll be back to go through it more.

    I'm bummed that I've let this long pass since I've been here (life got SO busy). But I will have lots of archives to go through as I have time. I love seeing where you've been.

  10. Howdee all!

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello and leave comments!
    Jeffs back is much better! Thanks for the concern. We leave for Florida tomorrow!

    Sandy~ Nice to see you again..I know how it goes with blog reading..there just isnt enough time in the day for everything.
    Lately I wait for winters and rainy days to catch up.


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