Sunday, January 29, 2012

At the FMCA Rally~Brooksville , Florida

Howdee all,

Jeff and I arrived yesterday in Brooksville, Florida for the Southeast FMCA Rally.

Sea goes Hollywood

The rally events don’t start until Tuesday.

IMG_2660There will be vendors, lectures and entertainment.

All things Motorhome related. We are meeting up with some friends and I am sure will meet some new friends.

IMG_2661 The event is being held at a County Airport. The part of the airport that is no longer in use.

Brooksville RV rally_001

We walked the old runways in the morning to bird and get some exercise.

Brooksville RV rally_004Lots of open fields, where we see Kestrel, Bluebird, Meadowlark, Savannah sparrows and Killdeer.Brooksville RV rally_002

We also saw a few Sandhill Crane and a large flock of Turkey.

IMG_2666Tomorrow we go to Webster to check out a mega flea market.

It opens at 5am..might leave early so that we can see it all.


By the way…its beautifully warm here…cool in the morning and evenings.

Loving it!


  1. I was just reading your previous post on packing. It amazes what can fit into a home on wheels! It must be fun to connect with other RV-ers and swap tips. Do you meet other birders doing the same thing you are, living on the road?

  2. Oh boy, a flea market! Sounds to be a memorable RVing event.

  3. Wren
    Howdee Wren..Yes we certainly fit allot into this little 400 square foot home. We do meet other Rvers and We have also met RVers that are birders and have traveled with them as well. Both wonderful communities to hang out with!

    Gaelyn.. and I both love flea markets..might have to meet you at one! :)


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