Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year~2012~from North Carolina

Howdee all,


Wishing you and Yours a Happy Healthy New Year!


Yesterday Jeff, Sicksta Adele and I went to Southern Pines, NC. for the annual Pinecone drop.

The event started at 6pm with music, clowns, magic and food.

Check out the scene in the short video below.

The festivities ended at 8pm with the Pine cone drop..

Fun! Check out the short video below

2011 was bittersweet…

We had great times with family and friends.

Fun traveling.

I lost my precious Balliecat in June.

Here's a picture of silly Ballie caught with the evidence after tasting my salad.

I miss my boy…

balle salad

We had A big scare with nephew Colin in October..

Thank goodness for those who responded quickly and got him to the hospital.

and Thanks again to all of you who sent prayers and caring his way.

Colin is doing amazingly well. After Christmas in Connecticut we brought Colin back to Pittsburgh and his last appointment with his surgeon. He was given a clean bill of health..with just a lingering minor hearing issue.


A fun Iphone photo taken of Colin, Sicksta and I at Foxwoods casino..


I want to end this post..with Colin's heartfelt words and thanks from his facebook status…to all that helped him thru this ordeal.

It brought tears to our eyes when we read it…

 Colin Dixon

So this is a start to my epic. Some would call it a chapter in my life that I bookmarked, something that should be continued. I look at it like the book series 'fellowship of the ring' in almost certain death I found life, new friends, old friends, companions, and most of all... family. Old family and new. But like an epic story it has only begun. The rest of it will be filled with ups and downs conflict and hatred but most of all love and longing. Just know everyone out there that your thoughts, as small or great is it was, or love as pure, and prayers as strong as you made them helped me through this ordeal. I feel bad that it took me to get close to dying to get me back to what I now know is pure. My injury didn't make me realize this, my friends and family did. My aunt dawn and my uncle jeff helped more than i could have ever asked for. Not because i am my mothers son, but because they care for me. As it pained me to leave my father, and how it pains me now to know my mother is leaving, I know they love me dearly and I hope.. although I don't say it much.. that they know I feel the same for them.


  1. pine cone drop! that's funny. I'll add that to my list:
    Key West (drag queen and pirate wench drops), Mobile (moon pie drop), Michigan City (can't remember which one) cheese ball drop, Nashville Musical Note drop, Sarasota Pineapple drop. Montreal should have a snow ball drop!

  2. Happy New Year Dawn & Jeff. Best of luck in life, Collin!

  3. WOW - it brought tears to my eyes too!
    Happy New Year with Many Blessings for 2012!!

  4. It is a mixed blessing that a crisis brings loved ones together. Let's hang on to the love and keep spreading it around.

    Happy New Year.

  5. GREAT post Dawn ~ Happy New Year to you & your family.

  6. Sounds like a fun time at the Pine cone drop. Nice post, especially read your nephews words. Dawn, Happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. Dear, dear Colin...there were many of us who have come to care for you through Dawn's blog. Yes, those of us who have never even met your Aunt Dawn, who will likely never meet you. We have sent positive energy your way and delighted with your recovery. Hope this is a wonderful new year for all of you.

  8. Such beautiful words from Collin .. tears and smiles :)

  9. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Beautiful, heartfelt words from Colin.

    Sending warm wishes for a healthy, happy 2012!

  10. Hi Dawn, Loved the Pine Cone Drop! Dang, it works just as good as NYC for me! :-) Happy New Year to you and yours. John

  11. Howdee friends~
    Thanks for stopping by..I wanted to share Colins words and thank you all for your very kind support and prayers! You Rock!

  12. Colin's story is truly amazing and his message brought a tear to my eye as well. Godspeed Colin!


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