Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Webster Flea Market~Webster~Florida

Howdee all,

Yesterday was a free day before the start of the Motorhome rally.

So Jeff and I went to a flea market recommended by friends of ours.

We could have spent days there..It was huge…

Webster flea market_001Stuff at the Flea Market

Webster flea market_003

Anyone for an old telephone?

Webster flea market_004This was actually very cool…A moose head that  holds wine bottles.

Webster flea market_005I saw a few birds at the flea market..

Webster flea market_014

Webster flea market_007I liked the little blue bird on the left..

Webster flea market_008Butter churns…

Webster flea market_009I had to open up this book

Webster flea market_011Check out a few of the chapters.. Webster flea market_010We spent four hours at the market….and it wasn’t enough time to see all the antiques, new items and farmers market areas.

Webster flea market_012I wonder who buys some of this stuff..

Not me..I just don’t have enough room in Homey for things like this.

Webster flea market_013I did like the little Lambchops puppet. I had one when I was a little girl.

Webster flea market_015

We had fun. We did buy a few things~Strawberries and two pair of plastic pink gloves for Jeff to use when he empties the black tank.

With all the stuff at this market you would think we would end up with more than that.

See you later…I am off to our first RV class~ this one on Satellite for TV and internet.


  1. Love it but would also have to restrain myself. However I would have bought the book.

    Hope you'll share what you learn from the RV classes.

    Have fun.

  2. That's another great thing about Homey. No way you can be tempted to buy things that take up space and are not useful. I loved the items you saw.


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