Friday, January 20, 2012

Almost time to pack it up~

Howdee all,

We have been in NC at Sickstas and Craigys for close to two months now.

Our Homeys black water tank is telling us we need to leave…FULL FULL..We have been using Sickstas Rest room for the past few days.

We use a bucket bucket or go outside in the evening..Is that too much information?..ha ha~I feel like we are camping.

around sickstas_007We will leave either Monday or Tuesday and travel south to Florida for an RV rally in Brooksville. We plan on staying on the west coast of Florida for two months then heading north again.

around sickstas_010The weather has been nice in NC this winter, which has kept us here a bit longer than normal. Just a few cold days.

Sickstas garden is in its winter holding pattern….

Grasses do pretty well here and Sicksta has  planted many different types … pretty in winter..

around sickstas_011There are some winter flowering plants.

Rosemary bush…blooming now..

around sickstas_017The old shed in the backyard is still standing…its slowly being eaten up…

I wonder how many years before the termites eat it all..

around sickstas_018All kinds of critters in Sickstas Garden..

around sickstas_019She likes Garden Art..around sickstas_020The old shed is garden art at its best..

around sickstas_022So is Craigys truck..

around sickstas_023The ole blue truck fits in nicely with the critters and plantings..

around sickstas_034Well~~

That’s all for now..I need to go fill the feeders and put out some bark butter…

The birdies here are piglets.

around sickstas_032


  1. Sicksta's yard is marvelous. No wonder the birds are so active. Yet I'm sure it will be nice to get somewhere just a little warmer. Safe journey and enjoy your next "camping" trip. ;)

  2. Your sickst's garden is lovely ... even in the winter. Wishing you safe travels! Looking forward to reading your posts from The Sunshine State!

  3. love the photos of your sis' place.

    on the road again - fun!

  4. can't wait until you are in our neighborhood! safe travels.

  5. Hi Dawn, it's great to be back :-) thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog.

    What a great lifestyle you have, I would love to be able to travel around like you do.

    I loved all the birdies on the last post and such beautiful photos, you really teased me all the way to the end with that Tanager... or lack of it!! ;-)

    Happy and safe travelling to you.

  6. Hi Dawn, I wish I could head for Florida for a couple of months. I enjoyed your tour of your sisters yard. And I love all the yard and garden art. Have a safe trip and takes lots of pic's along the way.

  7. Cute Dawn, cute! I was wondering what you have been up to. I love the photo of the sculpture at the end. It is my favorite and depicts how I feel sometimes! Love you and safe traveling!

  8. Gaelyn ...
    Thanks~Sicksta will be happy that you liked her garden!

    Julie G. ...
    Thanks Julie..Sicksta will be happy to hear you like her winter garden. Leaving for Florida tomorrow!

    Sandy ...
    Thanks Sandy!

    Annette .
    Leaving tomorrow~Hope to see you soon!

    ShySongbird ...
    Thanks so much for your kind comments! HAPPY that you are better and blogging again!!!!

    eileeninmd ...
    Thanks Eileen~I wish you could go to Florida too..I know you would have fun with the Birdies!

    Kathiesbirds ...
    Thanks dear Kathie...Love and hugs to you! Keep counting those birds!


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