Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We were~~The first ones…

Howdee all,

A Western Tanager has been hanging out and visiting a feeder in Pinehurst, NC.

We are just a 15 minute drive from Pinehurst…so we gave the Hostess Marjorie Ludwig a call and set a time to sit and wait for the tanager. Sicksta Dell, joined us for the fun.

Marjorie was a wonderful hostess she invited us into her home. We sat at her kitchen table overlooking the feeders. Marjorie set out some goodies for us to nibble on while waiting for the tanager.

Marjorie also puts goodies out for the birds.

Not a Tanager

Margories to see Tanager_002Not a tanager..

Margories to see Tanager_014Nope…still not a tanager..

Margories to see Tanager_015Definitely not a tanager…

Margories to see Tanager_017No..your not!..

Margories to see Tanager_018Still not a tanager..

Margories to see Tanager_019Did I mention the feeders overlook a golf course?

Margories to see Tanager_022Not a tanager…

Margories to see Tanager_026Nope..not tanagers..

Margories to see Tanager_035Your not a tanager either..

Margories to see Tanager_037No your not…

Margories to see Tanager_052Neither are you…

Margories to see Tanager_053Yeah..I saw you..You are NOT a tanager..

Margories to see Tanager_071Neither are you..

Margories to see Tanager_084OH NO YOU NOT!

Margories to see Tanager_087

Long story short..

but many photos later….hee hee

After almost two hours of watching and waiting…..

We did Not see the tanager …

And to make matters worse Marjorie said..

We were the first ones that did NOT see the tanager…Boo hoo..

Scott Winton and Ali Iyoob saw the Western Tanager.

Check out Scotts post here.


  1. God, that's too funny! But all those birds made me want to visit North Carolina, too. You have to stop feeding my wanderlust - or take me with you next time!

  2. Oh nooo ... no tanager :( I checked it out on Scott's blog and it sure is a beauty. I had a similar experience (without the fabulous hospitality) trying to catch a glimpse of a Sage Thrasher. It seems as if everyone who came looking for it had a great sighting ... all except me. You were able to see some beautiful birds, though. I truly enjoyed this post, Dawn!

  3. This is so cute! I would kill to see most of those birds right about now..dreary rainy & stuck w/ a flock of turkeys..

  4. Hahaha...you made me laugh! Sounds like you had a good time anyway and made a new birding friend! :-)

  5. Sorry you didn't see your tanager, but I enjoyed your post anyway ;)

  6. Great post, Dawn! Sorry you missed the WETA...

  7. Geez, you sure saw a lot of other nice birds.

    I see the western tanager at the North Rim in the summer and you're more than welcome to join me there.

  8. You might not have seen the tannager but you got some good shots. I enjoyed these.

    Wow, you are in North Carolina!! You do get around and I DO love your lifestyle.

  9. That is a hilarious post. I've been there on more occasions that I'd like to admit! Still, very entertaining and some lovely photos to boot. All in all, a success!

  10. ...still a nice assortment of birds and far more variety than I will see at a feeder around here. Cute post.

  11. Hi Dawn, I am sorry you did not see the Western Tanager. But on the bright side you saw a lot of beautiful birds. Great photos. I hope you can try again. Have a great weekend and Happy Birding!

  12. Lol Dawn! Too bad but cute photos anyway and if I know you, you had fun meeting the person anyways!

  13. Susan ..
    We have a sofabed..hee hee..You can hitch a ride with us!

    Julie G. ..
    Thanks Julie..it was great fun, even though we didn't see the Tanager!

    Cindy ...
    hee hee Turkeys~ I will send some birds your way..Look for the Fedex truck.

    Kelly ...
    hee hee..Yes, we had a great time!

    Bosque Bill said...
    hee hee..Thank goodness I haven seen that Tanager out west! :)

    Jerry ...
    Whats a WETA? hee hee oh yeah..one of those!

    hee hee ..I have seen the Tanager out west. Hope to meet you next spring..plan on being in AZ then.

    Sandy ...
    Thanks Sandy~leaving NC tomorrow..going to Florida.

    Linda Rockwell ...
    hee hee..Glad you liked the post..It was a great time non the less.

    Ruth ..
    Thanks for your kind comment...You need to come here to see a few more birdies.

    eileeninmd ...
    yes~we had a great time...without seeing the Tanager.

    Kathiesbirds ..
    hee hee..you do know me...It was great fun..who needs birds anyway? ;)


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