Monday, January 23, 2012

Birds at the feeders~NC~packing up..

Howdee all,

Leaving NC tomorrow..

Always Bittersweet…I took my fleece sheets off the bed in preparation for Florida.I will miss those sheets!

Margories to see Tanager_090I am packing and taking photos of how and what gets packed to blog about later..

I will miss my feeder birds here in NC.

Feeder birds_005The Bark Butter gets allot of visitors!

Feeder birds_006A Brown Creeper! Feeder birds_018It has been visiting daily since it discovered the Bark Butter.

Feeder birds_017Two funky looking birds at the tray feeder..This Cardinal has a strange black band around its head..lost feathers?Feeder birds_019And this poor finch has a growth on its cheek..

Feeder birds_042There seems to be many Cardinals this year…Feeder birds_031We have been seeing about 6 males and 6 females..allot of chasing going on…

Feeder birds_034Besides these birds in the photos, we have…

Juncos, Carolina Chickadees, Brown-headed and White-breasted nuthatches, Tufted titmice, White-throated and Song sparrows, Downy, Pileated and Red-bellied woodpeckers. House and American Goldfinches ,Red shouldered Hawk, Eastern Bluebirds, Morning doves, Eastern Phoebe.

Feeder birds_032I will set out some food for the birds before I leave…and hope that Sicksta and Craigy fill the feeders and put some Bark Butter on the tree..for the birds while I am gone.

Feeder birds_037

I will miss Sicksta, Craigy and the pups…

Be back in April~

Don’t rent out our spot!!


  1. I always feel a combination of anxious and excited that last day before moving down the road.

    I am surprised how many similar species I see here and have also noticed an increase in Cardinals. I either don't have good enough eyes or lens to see any abnormalities. Aside from the crazy quail standing on the feeder top activity seems normal. Lots of birds means lots of bird seed.

    Be safe out there and keep us posted.

  2. HI Dawn, wonderful birds. I am sure they will miss you too. Will you put up feeders at the next place in Florida? If you did, maybe you could see a Painting Bunting at your feeder. Take a photo of a Painted Bunting for me please. Have a safe and fun trip!

  3. So many beautiful birds visiting the feeders! We have seen a lot of the same birds in our area. More cardinals than usual, too. After seeing your photos of the Brown Creeper enjoying the bark butter I think I will put some out and see if I can tempt one or two. Wonderful post, as always. Wishing you safe travels to Florida!

  4. Dawn, You're picking the right time to come down here to Florida. We sleep with the windows open, and are up early to enjoy the cool (and moist) air. I still have to admit that I'm still a 4-season guy and do miss the mountains of New Mexico. Best wishes and hope you have a great trip and visit.

  5. Another bird watching event every tourist shouldn't missed. I love how you capture these birds perching in the tree.

  6. As always, beautiful pictures!

    Ferd and I are going to the New River Birding and Nature Festival again this year. We hope to see you there!

    Next time you are in North Carolina, give me a shout. We are in Winston-Salem.

  7. Lovely feeder birds! Safe travels to you and Vampire Jeff. . .

  8. You have quite the feeder diversity there! I'm sure Florida will have a few decent birds coming in as well!

  9. Gaelyn ..
    Yeah~its always bittersweet for me when moving on~especially when leaving a family member or friend..I am happy to be on the road, but miss them.
    and yes..does take allot of bird seed! I now have no it pleasures me to spend money on bird food and watch the happy birds.
    Happy trails to you dear fellow traveler.

    eileeninmd ..
    I will probably put up feeders in the next location that we willbe longer than a week..but not at the RV rally. I will take a photo of a Painted Bunting for you too. Of couse..I only have baby cameras, but I will do my best.

    Julie G.
    Yes..many people say there are an abundence of cardinals this year....You must put out some bark buttter! Let me know what it brings you.

    NewMexiKen ...
    Where are you in Florida~perhaps our paths will meet and we can hike or bird..or whatever. Let me know your favorite hot spots, eateries etc.~~

    Anonymous golf vacations arizona said...

    We are not going to New River..but will be at The Biggest Week..are you going? Say Yes! Also when I am in NC and you notice that on my blog and I forget to contact me ..I am busy and have the forgetses.. would love to get together!...

    Linda Rockwell ..
    Thanks Linda~Vampire Jeff says Hello... .

    Tim Schreckengost ..
    Thanks..looking forward to Florida birding!


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