Monday, January 31, 2011

Space Coast Birding festival~Viera Wetlands

Howdee all,

We had a great time at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife festival.

One of our first outings was to Viera Wetlands.

Located between the Moccasin Island Tract of the River Lakes Conservation Area and the Brevard Zoo, the wetlands are a popular site for birders, photographers, and eco-tourists.  The entire wetland system is accessible by automobile, making the site popular among those who find the rigors of hiking trails and summer temperatures daunting.  Even better, viewing the site from one's automobile serves to screen visitors from birds and wildlife, enhancing the experience

Our alarm didn’t wake us and we missed the bus..but luckily after some scrambling around to get directions we made it to the wetlands just in time to start the Bird outing with the group.

Our group leader was the very knowledgeable and friendly Laura Erickson.

Fourth from the right..

Viera wetlands_002

We joined the group in the bus which took us to various spots on the loop road..

A beautiful sunrise

Viera wetlands_005Tree swallows land on grasses…Viera wetlands_012White IbisViera wetlands_014Birders shadows…Viera wetlands_016A palm warbler…Viera wetlands_023Oh..what's this? Viera wetlands_025A lovely Limpkin…Viera wetlands_032

Lovely Limpkin with Laura Erickson speaking with the birders

Common Moorhen with its candy corn bill….Viera wetlands_043It was a chilly morning and my fingers were cold and numb…in our rush to get ready I forgot my gloves…

Viera wetlands_050Limpkin and Little Blue HeronViera wetlands_052Beautiful surroundings….for a water treatment plant..

I highly recommend birding here…Viera wetlands_054Wonderfully scenic…Viera wetlands_056

And great birding!Viera wetlands_060Common YellowthroatViera wetlands_085

A raft of CootViera wetlands_093Brevard hot spot hike_001

These photos below were digiscoped by Jeff

American Bitternjeffs digiscoped pics_038Blue-winged Tealjeffs digiscoped pics_046Sleeping..jeffs digiscoped pics_050Sandhill Cranejeffs digiscoped pics_052Green Heronjeffs digiscoped pics_054

A great morning of Birding!

More of the Space Coast Birding Festival to come….

The festival is over…Jeff and I are in Mims for a few days then we head south to Lake Worth for a few weeks..after that we haven't decided where to go.

If anyone is interested in getting together for some birding..let me know..I am trying to get a group together…have a few birders interested already.


  1. WOW, Dawn! Great birds and photos. I would love to see some of these like the Limpkin and moorhen. Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. Great series Dawn!! Thats a place I don't know, looks like a place worth a visit.

  3. Beautiful photos Dawn... Glad you had such a great time. If you get near Pinellas County maybe we could meet for lunch or something.
    Have fun & travel safe

  4. Space Coast is great. Thanks for posting. I have had to miss it for two years. I live vicariously thru you posts!

  5. Dawn, I envy you that experience! You have a wonderful variety of photos, love the one with birders' shadows on the wetland - it's eye-catching.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time at the Space Coast Birding Festival. What a delightful experience that must have been. So many lovely birds seen. Wonderful post and images ... as always!

  7. OH, it looks like it was soooo much fun! And you got some AWESOME shots!!

  8. You are bringing back wonderful memories. I may have to post some of the photos from last year that I never got around to uploading. Love, love Viera Wetlands! Didn't you just love the Limpkin? And great that you saw an American bittern. Took me several trips before I saw my first in the same place!

  9. great shots by both of you - looks like jeff has the camera mount working perfectly on the scope


  10. Wow, looks like y'all had a wonderful time, Dawn. And got some great shots, too! :-)

  11. How wonderful to see the limpkin! Love the birder's shadows shot! Sounds like great fun!

  12. eileeninmd
    Thanks Eileen, They really are very cool looking birds!

    Harold Stiver
    This is one of my favorite places in Florida.

    Thanks! Dont know if we will be going to that coast this year. But if we do I will most certainly look you up!!

    Thanks..It sure is a great festival, nice time to be here.

    Hilke Breder
    Thanks Hilke. I like the shadow pic too!

    Julie G.
    Thanks..Its always a fun festival, great birders and birds!

    Aww..thanks Kerri. It was a blast!


    Thanks should post the photos from last year.
    Wish I had a photo of a Florida scrub jay on my head:)

    Thanks Dan, Yes...he took some real nice photos with that!

    Thanks was a great time!

    Steven Scott
    Thanks Steven!

    Thanks Deary...I love Limpkins..and shadow shots!


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