Thursday, July 15, 2010

♥ South Bubble to Jordon Pond house loop♥

Howdee all,
Another hike in Beautiful Acadia National Park
We hiked South Bubble trail to Jordon Pond house and around Jordon Lake then continued the hike around the lake taking the shorter trail back to the Bubble Parking Lot.
South Bubble
Bubble rock and Jordon pond_002Difficulty Moderate to Difficult
To the Bubble approx half mile..
another half mile from the bubble to Jordon Pond.
Elevation Gain: 400 feet

Jordon pond Loop alone..
Distance: 3.2 miles
Elevation Gain: Level
Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Type: Loop
Total miles hiked…approx 4.5

The trail starts out a gradual ascentBubble rock and Jordon pond_003Take the South Bubble to Balance Rock
Bubble rock and Jordon pond_004Some stair master exerciseBubble rock and Jordon pond_005Then more uphill hiking on natural rock. Bubble rock and Jordon pond_007To the summit of Bubble Rock… Bubble rock and Jordon pond_008 It was a foggy day.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_009  Balance Rock..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_014 Bubble rock and Jordon pond_018  We take the rocky boulder strewn backside down Bubble Rock.
Easy for us..but would be very challenging for others.
We have hiked this way up to South Bubble before. Either way it takes some work and good shoes…No sandals here.
I missed a few good shots of the larger boulders..
I was concentrating on the hike and forgot to take photos.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_021 Most all of the trail down is boulders…and a few areas you need to squeeze thru boulders and scramble up and around many.
Bubble rock and Jordon pond_023  Here you can see the open area below….almost to the fogged in lakeBubble rock and Jordon pond_026  An oak tree with some sort of white fungusBubble rock and Jordon pond_029Jordon Lake Bubble rock and Jordon pond_030Pretty in Pink  Bubble rock and Jordon pond_032 More Lake views..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_033BunchberryBubble rock and Jordon pond_036As we come out from South Bubble trail we can go left or right around Jordon Pond.
We go left…the shorter hike to Jordon Pond house and 
Bubble rock and Jordon pond_040 Bubble rock and Jordon pond_041Lots of wonderful rocky, foggy views.    Bubble rock and Jordon pond_046Bubble rock and Jordon pond_048 Rocky shoreline..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_051la de da..dee da…  Bubble rock and Jordon pond_052hee hee..I wanted to squeeze in a few more photos Bubble rock and Jordon pond_055
Don't know what this tree is..hoping Sicksta does.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_061Samarrah noticed this odd growth on some leaves..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_056 Jordon Pond house getting closerBubble rock and Jordon pond_063 These look oddly like popovers…
I must be getting hungryBubble rock and Jordon pond_065The wildflower lawn to Jordon Pond House  Bubble rock and Jordon pond_067 View back to Jordon PondBubble rock and Jordon pond_068 Jordon Pond house..
Very busy..a 45 minute wait.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_069I take that time to wander around the garden and take a few photos. 
I think this is a Lightning bugBubble rock and Jordon pond_073   Bubble rock and Jordon pond_078  Bubble rock and Jordon pond_080Bubble rock and Jordon pond_083Finally…front row seats! see that gal in the blue shirt above Samarrahs head.
A facebook, twitter friends daughter, our waitress for lunch.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_085Jeff and I shared crabcakes and a chicken curry salad    Bubble rock and Jordon pond_092Samarrah had a grilled veggie sandwich with pesto Bubble rock and Jordon pond_093 And…the infamous
i had two!Bubble rock and Jordon pond_095We had a great lunch.. Bubble rock and Jordon pond_097 Bubble rock and Jordon pond_099Then stayed for a few minutes longer to take in the view..    Bubble rock and Jordon pond_104  We then then continued our journey..this time following the east side of
Jordon pondBubble rock and Jordon pond_108   Still foggy..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_111  Interesting trees growing together..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_114This side of the lake is mostly walking on boardwalk. Bubble rock and Jordon pond_115 The boardwalk protects the fragile moss covered wetlandsBubble rock and Jordon pond_116   We love this walk…Bubble rock and Jordon pond_120 Mushroom muffins in moss…Bubble rock and Jordon pond_121Moss lushness
Bubble rock and Jordon pond_124    Curvaceous CedarBubble rock and Jordon pond_131 After traveling on the boardwalk..
we pass thru an area with boulders..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_132   Up and down and around some of the boulders..still an easy hike for most people.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_135 We then cross a stream that helps feed the pond..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_138 The gray patch in the photos below is a Beaver denBubble rock and Jordon pond_139We watched and waited..but no sign of beaver   Bubble rock and Jordon pond_142The trail evens out and is gravel…
Bubble rock and Jordon pond_143 Some type of sumacBubble rock and Jordon pond_144  Wet web…  Bubble rock and Jordon pond_148 This looks like a Rieshi type mushroom..haven't done ID on it yet.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_149We decide not to climb back up South bubble to the parking lot..
instead we leave Jordon lake below..
and take a path after the South Bubble path up to the parking areas.
Much shorter and not much uphill.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_147
Another beautiful day in Acadia National park


  1. I may not leave a comment very often, but do read all your posts and very much enjoy your photos of all the lovely & interesting places you visit.

  2. One of my favorite places in the world! Especially Jordan Pond House - it's all about the popovers.

  3. Gorgeous photographs of one of my favorite parks. All that and popovers too! (Of course you must have two of them.)

  4. What a great hike and popovers even. Yum my favorite - think I'll go make some you've put me in the mood. Bet they won't be as good though. Love all the pictures, especially the interesting trees and other growing things...

  5. What a great hike, so diverse. I assume one can get to Jordon Pond House without the hike as well. What is a popover?

  6. Sensational post! I would love to visit Acadia National Park. It looks so very lovely. From viewing your wonderful photographs, I can see it is very lush and scenic. The fog images are very dramatic & beautiful. Your lunch made my mouth water. I have not had a popover in ages and now I have a craving for one ... with strawberry butter slathered on top! Great post!

  7. Dawn what gorgeous views! And that picture of a popover is making me hungry! Love photo #046!

  8. Absolutely fabulous hike! It was like i was right there with you during that hike! Wish I had been with you for that lunch! YUM YUM YUM! I definitely have to get to Acadia NP!!!

  9. I always feel like I'm right there experiencing in person what you're writing about...fabulous pics and I enjoyed the hike!!

  10. I am soooooo jealous!! What a gorgeous place for exploring and a wonderful eatery. The food looks and sounds amazing.

  11. Another wonderful hike. I enjoyed the hike and the photos. The foggy lake shots are my favorite. The popover looks delicious! Where to next?

  12. Beautiful place!! I always enjoy your travel blogs. That's probably the only way I will experience most of the lovely spots you visit. Keep up the great work!

  13. What an absolutely gorgeous spot. I can see why you love it there!!!

  14. Bosque Bill
    Howdee ..thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the comment..but also realize not everyone has the time to comment on all they read. I read tons of blogs and dont always would take me days. As it is I am always behind.
    So..i understand..and thanks.

    Patrick B.
    It is a wonderful place! and you are right, its all about the popovers..and they make them perfectly..i am drooling just thinking of them now!

    Yes.the problem is I wanted more than 2 or 3 or 4..hee hee
    one of my favorite parks too!

    howdee..Did u make the popovers?? I bought some at trader joes when we got back from Acadia..not the same, but it was a nice reminder.

    Yes..jordon pond can be driven to,biked to hiked to..
    and a popover is a delicious eggy bread that puffs up when cooked to have a warm, moist, almost hollow center..a little butter and jam, or some put icecream and fudge sause..kinda like a cream puff.

    Julie G.
    Thanks Julie..we love Acadia NP.
    you can buy frozen popovers at trader joes..not as good as the ones at Jordon pond house. but ok..

    Thanks Kathie..the popovers were soooooooooooo good.

    Thanks Kerri..glad you went along with me on the hike :) you really must get to Acadia sometime!

    Cathy Ross
    thanks! You are welcome on any of my hikes..cyber or in person.

    Sicksta..A great place..even though I hiked allot..i made up the calorie loss with eating..
    need to stop that!

    Howdee...we left Acadia and are in CT for a few weeks..then we go to MA then to the Cape..then back to CT and then back to MA then to CT then we head south again..
    Did I make you dizzy?>

    Beverly Everson
    Howdee..thanks! Hope you get to do some traveling yourself ACadia NP

    Thanks...We LOVE Acadia!!

  15. We have had very limited internet access being in Yellowstone. We are in Livingstone today, so I doing some email, blog, FB catch up. Looks like pretty place, and lots of trails. I'll have to try those popovers when we get in that neck of the woods


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