Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maple seeds

Howdee all,

I took this photo back in May while visiting Sicksta Dell.

I really love the color of these seeds.around the garden_042

This is the same photo cropped and I addded color Pop via Windows live writer..around the garden_042

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer..

I created a small garden next to Homey at mom and dads..

I will take a few photos to show you what it looks like next post.


  1. I too loved the color! Actually, I'm seeing these seeds for the first time!!

  2. I've never seen maple seeds with the red. Very colorful. Having a garden is nice, if you don't have to drive away from it before harvest.

  3. Cool! Someone once told me that those Maple seeds are called Samara's.

  4. ...there is something about maple seeds that I just love two. After the beauty goes, they are so much fun when they turn into "whirlybirds!"

  5. Beautiful Dawn!

    Did not get any warnings today, so taking yourself off the site must have worked! :c)

  6. Thanks friends and family for your kind comments on the Maple seeds..

    They are beautiful Samara seeds as beautiful as Samarrah!


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