Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mansell Mountain hike, Acadia NP, Maine ♥

Howdee all,

Mansell Mountain

Difficulty-Moderate to Strenuous

Distance 3.3 mile loop

Starting Elevation 70feet

High point 949 feet

mansell mountain hike_003

The trail starts on the southwest corner of Long Pond.mansell mountain hike_004following the lake about .02 miles mansell mountain hike_005 mansell mountain hike_006mansell mountain hike_008 Then the trail hooks up to the Perpendicular Trailmansell mountain hike_010You soon find out why it is called the Perpendicular trail 

A granite staircase built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corp.

mansell mountain hike_012

   Pretty much straight up

mansell mountain hike_014

mansell mountain hike_015 mansell mountain hike_016

One ladder and a few rungs..

mansell mountain hike_017 mansell mountain hike_018

mansell mountain hike_021

  Allot of huffing and puffing..It was hot..we were all dripping with sweat.

Thank goodness the hike was in and out of the woods..plenty of shade.mansell mountain hike_022

  The forest is lush with moss and lichen and the recent rains have brought on many mushrooms.

mansell mountain hike_024

Boleutus I dontknowus

mansell mountain hike_025

Wonderful views…

From the top we saw a distant fire…it looked like it was in Southwest harbor…

we would check it out later..mansell mountain hike_027

  We hike away from the views toward the summit

mansell mountain hike_031

Here we are…it was pretty much a straight up climb to get there.

mansell mountain hike_033

We leave the high point and take the next trail on the left..

More views..

mansell mountain hike_034And lots of wonderful Maine Blueberries  mansell mountain hike_036 See all the low shrubs lining the path?


We did allot of snacking

mansell mountain hike_037 mansell mountain hike_038 A few steep areas on the hike down..

mansell mountain hike_039Mushroomius unknownius  mansell mountain hike_042Indian Pipe   mansell mountain hike_047   tiny orangeyus mushroomus somethingus donteateusmansell mountain hike_050 A wonderful hike…

We stopped along the trail for lunch with a Hermit thrush and Black throated green warbler serenade..

After the hike we took a short drive into town and found out that the newly renovated Moorings restaurant had a fire..We drove by and saw the charred and smoking remains..

We then walked around town…

Went back to camp for showers…and then out again..for a drive…

Evening fog coming in

mansell mountain hike_064 We dine overlooking the ocean..

Avocado and Egg over herbs and lettuce…kalamata olives and goat cheese..

Watermelon for dessert.

mansell mountain hike_062

On the way back..almost dark..we saw two fledgling Barred owls..calling for their parents and food..

A delightful day..

I ♥ Acadia National Park


  1. I think that is splendid route, and in pictures. Dawn, I love the one where the lake is silent and clean.

  2. looks like a great hike, such a great place Acadia. Love the last picture, a well deserved peaceful roost.


  3. Wow, thanks for taking us along. Looks wonderful.

  4. Love Acadia N.P. The hike around Jordan Pond is more my speed though LOL

  5. How beautiful! Wish I was hiking with you guys.

  6. What a wonderful outing Dawn! I LOVE "virtual" hiking with you!

  7. Sounds like a perfect day to me! You cannot beat the blues and greens of Maine. They are so intense yet so soothing. Acadia NP is where Gus and I went on our honeymoon, however we did not do any hiking! I have not been back there in years. Now I really want to go more than ever. Love your sense of humor about the names of the mushrooms. Very creative and clever!

  8. What a life...but heck, somebody has to do it. Right? All very beautiful photographs. Glad you shared, because my knees would never get me there.

  9. Dawn, a most wonderful post! The photographs are scenic and gorgeous. You really should write and take photographs for travel brochures. Your images and descriptions make me want to travel to all the glorious destinations you have visited. As always, a delightful post!

  10. What an absolutely gorgeous place. I So want to see Acadia. The hike looks a little tough but the views So worth it. I had to chuckle over your shroom names. Except for the Bolete I don't think I'd be sampling any of them.

  11. Wow what a hike! Another place we will have to see. Maybe next year.

  12. Beautiful post! I really enjoy your travels!!

  13. Beautiful!!! We have almost exactly the same photos, only it was so long ago, it's all on film!! :) Can't wait to go back there.

  14. I love it when you "take" us on your hikes. The photos and text really give me a good idea of what that hike would be like. And, it's blueberry season--great time to explore Acadia.

  15. Thanks everyone for you comments on Mansell Mountain hike.

    Bob Bushell
    Howdee..thanks ..I love that photo too.

    Great place for you to visit with your family.
    Hee hee..believe it or not it was chilly that eve..was fun to hang out on the rocks and watch the waves.

    Ms. Fiddlesticks
    Glad you could come along dear fiddleysticks.

    I think Jordon pond is the hike most people do..Its a lovely hike.
    But we need to exercise a bit more to work off all those popovers..hee hee

    Wish you were there..you would have loved it.

    I am happy to take you virtual hiking anytime..for that matter..I would be happy to take you on a real hike anytime!

    Glad you liked the names of the shrooms..hee hee.
    What a great place to honeymoon..now you need to both go back for a second honeymoon.
    Its a lovely place!

    We sure are lucky to be able to live this lifestyle.
    Glad I could bring you along on this hike without wear and tear on your knees..
    this hike would have hurt them badly.

    Julie G.
    Aww thanks Julie..I am flattered. I certainly dont find myself in the caliber of people that do that...and besides..wouldnt that mean I would have commitment and work..YIKES!

    You would love Acadia..I called it a gentle paridise..they really have nothing like bear or poisonous snakes that can harm you..its less rugged than most parks..
    Glad you liked my mushroom ID..hee hee..good idea not to eat them.

    yeah..put it on your ever growing list..We will all be traveling forever with so many beautiful places to see.

    Beverly Everson
    Aww..thanks Beverly!

    Aunt Nancy
    You need to get those wheels and travel full time..When u going to do it?

    Appalachian Lady
    So glad to bring you along on any hike! Maybe someday it will be a real one.

    Thanks again everyone.
    We are now back in CT and i should have more time to read Blogs and catch up on everyone.
    See u soon.

  16. Wonderful post...been on that trail many times. Acadia is such a magic place! Thanks for sharing both your photos and your adventures!


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