Thursday, July 08, 2010

Lighthouse beach,Chatham, MA

Howdee all,

July 4th Jeff and I went for a walk on Lighthouse beach.

sunset chatham_003 It was a beautiful evening

sunset chatham_005

Soft clouds ..

sunset chatham_004 We went looking for a few birdssunset chatham_008We walked from the ocean side to the bay sunset chatham_009 sunset chatham_010Bayside  sunset chatham_014 Mudflats.. sunset chatham_016 sunset chatham_017We saw a few birdies…sunset chatham_021   Not many photos of birds…they were a bit too far for my baby camera to reach…

I did take allot of landscape photos…sunset chatham_026What I enjoyed most that night was being in nature..sunset chatham_022 sunset chatham_032Enjoying the changes in the night sky…sunset chatham_030   The gulls glowing in the setting sun…sunset chatham_036Distant gull photos..sunset chatham_035 I kinda like the soft out of focus painting effect.sunset chatham_037

Sunset photos …next post.


  1. Stunning landscape & glowing gull photos (these are especially lovely!) Sky, clouds, sand, water & birds -- all captured beautifully!

  2. Beautiful photos, Dawn! I really enjoyed them.

  3. Very pretty and peaceful.

  4. Gorgeous! Such a delight to walk the beach under a beautiful sunset sky. Birds or not.

  5. A lovely evening stroll under gorgeous skies. FAB.

  6. You are obsessed with skies...I can see it in your photos...the juxtaposition (sp?) of sky and land is turned upside down. I don't think I have ever seen anyone do it quite as well as you.

  7. Dawn, beautiful sky photos. The beach looks like an awesome place to walk.

  8. Dawn, beautiful sky photos. The beach looks like an awesome place to walk.

  9. Gorgeous images, Dawn. I love beach scenes. I always end up with my 75-300 mm lens on and forget to switch lens and take those breath-taking wider shots. What a great walk.

  10. Thanks for the very nice comments..on my south beach Chatham post.
    Nice to see you visiting..I have been rather lax myself..busy summer..I tend to read blogs and not take the time to comment as much..
    will be back doing that soon I hope..
    Thanks again..
    Nice to see you.

  11. I do not even know where Chatham is. I am now going to look it up on a map!


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