Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July from Chatham, Ma

Howdee all,

Just a quick hello from Chatham.

Wishing you all a wonderful 4th of July!

chatham parade_049chatham parade_050

chatham parade_051    chatham parade_055 chatham parade_056 chatham parade_057chatham parade_059chatham parade_058


  1. we spent several 4th of Julys in Falmouth with friends who rented a house there. The minute I saw your title, I thought "there will be pictures of hydragneas..."> Beautiful photos of a beautiful part of the world. Go have lobster rolls at the little fishplace where the ferry comes in at Falmouth. We love to sit in the sun there and eat them. happy 4th Dawn!

  2. What a place to celebrate the birth of America! Absolutely gorgeous!

    I'm more than a little bit jealous as I sit here at the kitchen table while my husband is at work.

  3. Dawn, each and every one of these photos is gorgeous! The colors are beautiful. Gorgeous seascapes too! Wishing you a terrific 4th of July in Chatham.

  4. What a beautiful place and great photos. Happy 4th.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  5. WOW.. gorgeous... I want to move and live there RIGHT NOW! Colorful and by the water... unreal.. Hope you have a wonderful time... and btw.. not sure if i had said how BEAUTIFUL your pics are... I LOVE what your camera can do! Great eye too... xo

  6. Chatham is so beautiful! What a nice place to spend the 4th! I love the photo of the little cottage with the flags. Adorable!

  7. What a wonderful place to be for the 4th!

  8. Annette B
    Falmouth is a great place in the summer..Yeah, the cape = hydrangeas in the summer...
    Thanks for the tip on the eatery in Falmouth..might check it out next visit in a month.
    thanks muchly for stopping by..

    thanks Gaelyn..Hope u had a good one!

    A New England Life
    Howdee Sharon..bummer your husband was working..Hope you get to all go and do some fun things this summer..stay cool!!

    Julie G.
    Thanks dear Julie..hope u had a great 4th..have an awesome summer!

    Living In Williamsburg Virginia
    Hope you had a very happy 4th..thanks for stopping by!

    Yes Sicksta it is purdy..and u would love it too!!

    Missy the Butterfly and Garden Freak
    Aww..thanks Missy for the very nice compliment!!
    Hope you get to live on the Cape someday!

    Erica Houskeeper
    Thanks..I love that little house..i want it! :)

    Howdeee Diane..hope all is well and u have an excellent summer.


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