Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rainy Day drive, Acadia NP

Howdee all,

Wednesday was a rainy in the morning so we decided to go out for breakfast and then for a drive.

After breakfast we looked into this glass ride maine_001 Gazing ball made with pieces of glasscar ride maine_002 car ride maine_004Inside the shop..sun catchers everywhere…

A small sun catcher

runs around 100 dollars.

The lamps are 4.000.

Beautiful things…car ride maine_005After looking in a few shops in Bar Harbor…

We looked for a beach that we had been to over 10 years ago.

A rock beach

Jasper Beach    

car ride maine_011

No sand…just piles of rockcar ride maine_019

      We all collected a few of these special ride maine_018   car ride maine_021And walked the rocky beach car ride maine_022Fly on the rocks    car ride maine_028Samarrah made these small rock cairnscar ride maine_027  And then she did a few yoga posescar ride maine_031  I digiscoped the distant lighthouse with the fog rolling in.. car ride maine_034The area smelled strongly of rose…car ride maine_017Beach ride maine_036 car ride maine_037 car ride maine_038 We also searched for a clam shack that we had been to that same year..over ten years ago..

No luck…the clam shack is closed.

We did find another place for dinner…

And we celebrated Jeff's 62nd Birthday.

His birthday desert was…

Blueberry pie and blueberry ice cream!


car ride maine_042

Today we did an awesome hike up Sargent mountain…

Blog post to come..

I am staying up just long enough to put out this blog post then off to bed for me..

Early morning Ranger led bird walk…

then our last hike in Acadia…

We leave Saturday :(


  1. Beautiful glass, but a little over priced for me. Wonder how long the stuff has been hanging?

    Love the rock beach. I'd have come home with my pockets full I'm sure.

    Have fun on your Ranger walk.

    Where to next?

  2. Happy Birthday to Jeff!! He looks 15 years younger! LOVE that rocky beach too.

  3. What gorgeous glass! Love the beach pictures too. Sam must have been in heaven doing her poses out in nature in all it's glory.

  4. What a colorful glass shop!
    That looks a lot like an Oregon coastal town, but I've never seen a rock beach like that - with so much color! Beautiful!

  5. A belated Happy Birthday Jeff! Looks like a beautiful place.

  6. Happy belated Birthday to your Jeff! Your beach photos are great. Neat looking rocky beach. The rocks colors are beautiful and I just love that glass shop.

  7. Gaelyn
    Howdee..yeah that glass is too pricey for me too..I loved to look at it..and thought about how i might make one myself.

    Thanks for wishing Jeff happy birthday..he does look younger.

    it was a great day!

    What a great rock beach it to hear the water run over the rock..and of course fun to collect.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes for Jeff..It was a great day.

    thanks..muchly..lots of fun places to go to in Northern Maine!

  8. Give Jeff a late Happy Birthday from Joe, Mallery & I. Out of the loop for a while with very little internet. that sun catcher shop was crazy! I'll have to visit the rock beach too someday!


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