Friday, July 30, 2010

My Small Garden, Ledyard,CT

Howdee all,

Here are the photos i promised.

My small garden space..see the side of Homey on the right in the photo below?

The neighbors house to the left. My fathers work shed in the back right.


I purchased the Iron rockers and table at Home Depot,garden_005I purchased the two trellis boxes online.. garden_008

The umbrella is from Job Lot  garden_023

    My sicksta Adele provided the coleus..

i have four different kindsgarden_010   garden_013garden_012garden_011My sicksta Lori and her hubby provided three different vines and the Cleome..garden_011And the tomato plants..of which are several different varieties.

The lettuce plants, they gave me, have bolted ..but were yummy while they lasted.

garden_029 I purchased a few color changing Solar lights from Job lot..

They look beautiful in the day..and when they work, are very cool at night.


My Father bought this solar cardinal for my garden.


A nice place to sit and watch the birds

garden_006I have a few feeders out on either side of the planters.garden_010I also put some water for a bird bath..garden_007

garden_024        A nice summer retreat.garden_014 Lantana Sonsetgarden_018

Hibiscus Rum runnergarden_015 garden_021  Thats all ..Hope you enjoyed my Small garden tour…

Tonight we go to a concert..

Willie Nelson..

any Willie Fans out there?

               garden_004  garden_016







garden_015 garden_017 garden_018


  1. I think the garden area looks wonderful and tropical and so inviting! Fabulous job!

  2. Looks very peaceful. Willie would be one of my top celebs to road trip with I think. I would imagine the stories he could tell would fill the whole trip.

  3. Nice garden tour. Coleus is a great plant.It thrives even in shade and has so much color in the leaves.

  4. I love this garden! It looks so inviting...think I'll sit a spell. Enjoy Willie.

  5. Willie Nelson, that's better than even that beautiful garden. What fun to be in one place long enough to enjoy this.

  6. Oh my Dawn .... this is a WONDERFUL garden! You must have a green thumb!
    Have Fun with Willie tonight :)

  7. I have seen it in person and it is very lovely!!

  8. Wow--beautiful! Glad to see you're home again, though I'll miss your amazing travel photos.

    Everyone I know who grew lettuce had it bolt very quickly; broccoli as well (before they even got florets). I think we all had a too-hot-too-fast summer.

  9. Looks likes a nice spot for relaxation and meditation.

  10. Looks like a really nice place to chill!

  11. Delightful. I think you must be planning to stay put until fall, because who could leave such a beautiful, peaceful place when it's in bloom?

    Yes to Willie - he played a concert here last year. Great show - I hope your concert was as good as ours.

  12. Though your garden is small, it is big with heart, color and beauty. You have done a wonderful job. Lovely garden tour!

  13. Holy Mole...I am finally getting around to thanking you all for you kind comments.
    I must be busy or something..hee hee.

    Thanks everyone..I do appreciate your comments. I know how busy life can be.
    I have a rainy day here today and I am trying to play catch up.

    Thanks again..
    I havent seen my little garden in a few weeks...Mom and Dad are looking after it.
    I cant wait to see and eat my tomatos!


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