Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mystic, CT ..walking around town

Howdee all,


It was a beautiful day, Mom, Sicksta Tink and I decided to walk downtown Mystic and do some girly shopping.mystic etc_031

mystic etc_016

The Oyster house has a beautiful garden…mystic etc_021 I took a few photos of our day..mystic etc_011The Drawbridge..   mystic etc_014 The River…mystic etc_015 A Swan family…

mystic etc_012

  Out for lunch..mystic etc_033Sampling the Local fairemystic etc_032Its been so hot lately..   mystic etc_034I was wishing I was floating in that water…mystic etc_030mystic etc_029 I hope you are all staying cool this summer.

I have been doing most my blog reading on my itouch lately.

So if I don't is because I am reading from an RSS reader called Byline.

It doesn't allow you to comment on blogs.

I wish there was an RSS reader that somehow hooked up to the comment sections of blog posts…

Until then..i read, and mostly don't comment unless I am online with my Laptop.

I am trying to balance my online time…and enjoy summer and still read the blogs I so love to read.

How do you all keep up with blog reading these days?

Do you take Blogger Vacations?


  1. Did you go to Mystic Pizza? :c)

    For me Dawn, I tend to keep my blog list to a manageable number I visit regularly, as it just gets to be too much otherwise. I read a good many, but don't post on every blog either, esp. the ones who have hundreds of readers/comments. I usually do my blogging time in the mornings before going to work, and it's rare I get to sit back down in the evening and read. It's a balance for me, but the joy I get from it certainly outweighs the struggle to keep up. :c)

    We're sweltering here... highs of 98-100 with very little rain. Looking forward now to cooler days. Happy travels to you!

  2. How cool the water looks. Hope you had a lovely day in Mystic - it looks as is you did! Enjoy your time, and don't worry.

  3. I'm jealous. I went there on vacation with my parents when I was a kid (just a few years ago :)). What a gorgeous place.

  4. Lovely puffy white clouds! Another spot to put on my place to visit!

    I definitely take blogging breaks - twitter breaks too :)

  5. Dawm, gorgoeus pictures that help me look forward to our move back east. I think everyone takes blog vacations. Afterall, you still need to live your life and enjoy it! Glad you are having fun with your family.

  6. I was thinking the same thing as Jayne, did you have Mystic Pizza?

    Wonderful photos! I'd love to get there one day. Great shot of you with your mom and sister too.

    I do take blog vaca's and I don't comment as often as I should. Like Jayne, life gets busy and I can only spend so much time on the computer. It leaves me feeling guilty but what can I do? Summer is to short, enjoy every moment you can!

  7. Looks like a beautiful place to shop. Love the sunflower garden. I'll bet a little swim with the swans would feel pretty good. I'm sure they'd have shared space with you.

    I just stay up Way too late reading all the wonderful blogs I love to follow. But it's not always easy.

  8. Loved the pics. We were there in 1987 and really need to go back. Thanks for sharing your visit with us.

  9. Hi Dawn, Glad to hear you are enjoying family this summer. When we get back to Iowa to see our moms in Sept., I will be taking a break from blogging also. Family is 1st. Enjoy

  10. Hi Dawn-Nice photos-I'll be spending a couple of days in Mystic with my wife in August so I enjoyed seeing the photos. I only do about one post a week so I don't really feel the need to take a blog vacation. I return comments of those who leave comments on mine as time allows then move on to other blogs that I like. It's hard to keep up with all my favorite blogs all the time so I rotate and jump in when a blog post title catches my attention.

  11. Looks a lovely place to live Dawn.

  12. I remember your pictures of that place from last year. It looks so lovely!

    Looking forward to seeing your garden pictures. You can give me lessons on how to keep the critters out.

    Is this when you get together with all the relatives? I remember the food faces from last year.

  13. Lovely photos of Mystic! Beautiful blue skies. Gorgeous garden photo! Sweet swans.

  14. Jayne
    Didnt get to Mystic Pizza..trying to avoid those carbs.
    Yeah..i dont know about a managable amount of blogs..I tend to overdo..and have found so many wonderful blogs I hate to give any up. So..I dont comment as often..I read blogs offline on my Itouch that I take with me and find time during the day to read a few here and there.

    Out walking the dog
    Dont worry be happy..hee hee..thanks.

    A few years ago huh? well that makes you just a must come back and visit Mystic when you are past your teen years:)

    Yes..breaks are always good.

    A New England Life
    No Pizza for me for a while..need to loose a thousand pounds or so:)I read so many blogs..I have started downloading them to my itouch and i read many offline in between things..while waiting in line so far..just cant comment as often as i would like.

    Howdee..I used to stay up late and read blogs till one or two..
    But lately I am soo tired I cant.
    I tend to read offline now on my itouch..just cant comment as often.

    Margie M.
    Thanks..and thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Howdee Diane..take a little break..but I sure would like to see your hometown and family photos too.

    Howdee Larry..
    I know what you mean about visiting the commentors blogs first..i try to do that as well and comment.
    Otherwise I read most blogs offline using my Itouch..just cant comment on them.
    Have a great time in Mystic!

    Roy is a Lovely area!

    Tink, was a great day! Lets do it again!

    Mary Lee
    Ahh you remember the food faces..They will appear sometime mid on the lookout!

    Julie G.
    Thanks dear tweetie Julie!

  15. There are certain blogs I follow on a regular basis whether they leave comments or not-yours being one of them. When I say that I link back to people who left me comments first-I just do that because I find it a convenient place to start. I don't always have the time to leave comments on the blogs I follow and I'm sure that's the case for most other bloggers too.

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