Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hibiscus Rum runner

     Howdee all,

Here is another one of my flower favorites this season.

I found this beauty at Big Bloomers flower farm..where Sicksta Adele works.

I was there in the late afternoon and the flower was a beautiful rummy yellow with a magenta center.

The flower is about eight inches across.

I had several people come up to me while in the store in awe of the flower and wanting me to show them where to get one.

What's so very cool about it is that it changes colors.


Check out this link to see more photos and information.

“9 a.m. -- Rum Runner hibiscus starts out the morning with varying shades of magenta on the outside. As colors progress inward, they become lavenders, a starburst-like splash of iridescent blue and then a dark burgundy eye in the center.

bluff pt, mom and dads_005bluff pt, mom and dads_006

 “Noon -- Rum Runner's outer petals change to oranges and reds with a hint of yellow. The lavender becomes a subtle purple, but there is still a hint of blue that is a little lighter by midday.

mom and dads_005

“3 p.m. -- By mid-afternoon, the Rum Runner has switched to a bright yellow pastel with a blush pink where the lavender had been prominent in the morning. The dark burgundy in the center remains throughout the day. The flowers last until dark, then close for the night and repeat their performance the next day.

birds and big bloomers_028

A real beauty.birds and big bloomers_031


  1. I am so in love with this flower!! I discovered my love for Hibiscus as a child and grow different colors every year. I order them as seedlings on ebay!! I have never seen this variety but just know I would want to watch it bloom all day!! GORGEOUS!

  2. WOW! That is the coolest thing to watch this flower change colors thru the day.

  3. How wonderful to watch the changing colors. Beautiful photographs.

  4. This flower really amazes me. I know I would sit and watch it all day.

    Lovely captures Dawn!

  5. Wow this bloom is really unique. You really captured the changes beautifully.

  6. Never knew hibiscus did this. It is gorgeous, at all times of the day.

  7. Ali
    I know you would love this one..if you love hibiscus..
    This one is a real winner!

    It is so cool watching it change colors!

    Thanks...its a beauty!

    Thanks must get one!

    Thanks Sicksta..I am a bit worried that I wont be able to keep this plant happy as we travel.we will see.

    Debbie Miller @HooootOwl
    Thanks Debbie..there are so many different stages..a gorgeous flower.

    I didnt know they did this either...I guess some of them do ..others dont..
    this one is very cool.

  8. How cool, haven't seen this before. Beautiful shots of the flower also. Any birding in CT this summer? or come into Jamaica Bay.


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