Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Oil-Coated Gulf Birds Better Off Dead?

What do you think...
Are these Oil Coated birds better off Dead?

Read the National Geographic articles below.

Oil-Coated Gulf Birds Better Off Dead? via National Geographic Daily News.

The photos are difficult to look at..but i think its important that we all see what is happening to the wildlife...this terrible disaster will affect us all for many many years.

Photos of Birds, Fish, Crabs coated.


  1. Dawn, this is so sad! My feeling: save those that can potentially survive elsewhere (oiled birds found off the Gulf coast of Florida are being relocated to the Atlantic coast) and fight like hell to ensure nothing like this happens ever again. Keep those ugly images in the public eye for as long as it takes for everyone to suck up and start investing in, and using, alternative energy sources. OK, I'll shut up now!

  2. I've seen a few of these articles, and one of the weird things they have in common is that they don't interview the people handling rehabilitation for this oil spill, just outside observers. For a more balanced view, see here. Some spills have very good survival rates.

  3. Just realized I was here last night, but forgot to come back and comment after going to the photographs. Pelicans are one of my favorites, it is so sad to see them like this. Thanks for sharing though, we don't need to forget what is happening.

  4. Uggh-I've been watching the footage of oil soaked birds on the news channels today. Better off dead? Unfortunately, I don't think a lot of them are going to have a choice.

  5. Felicia
    Dont shut up..never shut up..keep talking about this terrible tragedy
    Love your passion!

    Thanks so much for the link John.

    Thanks..Larry, Warren and Lisa and Leedra

    we need to keep people thinking about this tragedy.


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