Monday, June 21, 2010

Lantana “Sonset” Bees,Butterflies and more.

Howdee all,

I bought this beautiful hanging plant

Lantana Sonset

The colors change ..pinks, oranges and yellows..just beautiful.

mom and dads_012 mom and dads_014

Lantana Sonset 

Category: Sun-loving perennial, butterfly & hummingbird magnet, deer resistant



Exposure:Full Sun or Partial Shade

Bloom Color:Yellow, orange, red, rose

Bloom Period:Late Spring through Fall!

Water:Low once established

Foliage: Handsome, dark green

Zone: 7-10 mom dads _008 Great for attracting bees, butterflies and and dads_018Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly mom and dads_025 mom and dads_031  Just as beautiful on the underside….mom and dads_035


Julie G. said...

Dawn, these photos are breathtaking! I especially love the swallowtail shots. The clarity is fantastic. Colorful Lantana Sonsets are just beautiful. Lovely series!

eileeninmd said...

Dawn, the Lantana is beautiful! Great shots of the swallowtails.

Kay said...

The lantana is beautiful. I wonder if it was developed from our native Texas lantana. I let the birds plant it around the yard. I also have some non-natives in various places. It's a good plant for our heat.
I love your photos--especially of the butterfly.

MaineBirder said...

WOW, excellent photos, beautiful flowers and that Bee is AWESOME!

Gaelyn said...

Wow, sure love those multi-colored flowers, and the butterflies are beautiful too.

Kathiesbirds said...

Just dazzling!

Tink said...

Gorgeous photos sicksta! I love the next to the last butterfly one.. Really cool!!

NCmountainwoman said...

Love the lantana. I've never seen one with coloring like that. Beautiful.

Lydia said...

Hi Dawn, Always love your photos. My point and shoot digital camera died. How do you like your Canon?

diane-j-m said...

Oh my if i still had a yard those flowers would be in it. They are just gorgeous. Love all the pollen on the bee's legs.

YsMum said...

Gorgeous photos!!!!!
I love Lanata, the colours are so vibrant...I have a pot fll on my deck every summer!!!

Cathy Ross said...

WOW!! Gorgeous photos Dawn!! and who needs a big ass super sized lens when you can get macros and closeups this great w/a smaller lens?? :)Way to go...just beautiful!

Bosque Bill said...

Love those gaudy flowers ;) and the bee and butterflies, too!

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