Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hooded Warbler

Howdee all,

I took this short clip while birding Padre Island during spring migration.

I just added music via Utubes insight which doesn't allow you to have the music slowly fade out…oh well..I liked the song..

And again….

This is a handheld camera and I am a shaker…my husband is always telling me I should try to be more steady while filming…

Oh well…


  1. Oh,how I long to see a Hooded Warbler in person. At least now I have seen one on video, thanks to you. What a beautiful bird! Dawn, you always add such fitting music to your videos. What a delight!

  2. Wow he's a cute little guy! Spunky too!

  3. Perfect combination. Cute bird and song.

  4. Enjoyed the video and music. You did a good job keeping the focus on the bird - it's moving so fast.

  5. Dawn, those are gorgeous birds! I've never seen one before. That video was wonderful, thanks :-)

  6. Glad you all liked the Hooded warbler video..what a treat to see this bird so close..Advantage of seeing birds during migration in the south.
    Thanks again for all of your comments.


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