Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bubble fun

Howdee all,

This is what 80 year olds do all day…hee hee..

Ok not really.

Muther buys bubbles for the dog to dads _040

I decided to try and take photos of the bubblesmom dads _042

It wasn't easy …mom dads _028 I was running around chasing these bubbles…and sometimes got the camera too close

which made them pop on the lens of my camera…whoops..

mom dads _027I loved the colors in the dads _031I think I will try this again.

With other backgrounds..

mom dads _019

So ..we are still in CT..

and will be here at least until the end of the month..then we head to Cape Cod for a week before going to Acadia National park with our daughter.

Lately, on our morning walk around the neighborhood we have added a few young walkers…and an occasional unleashed dog..

mom dads _015


Gaelyn said...

I Love the Bubbles! And love to blow bubbles. Like the reflections as well as the rainbow colors.

Take lots of pics in Arcadia. I haven't been there, yet.

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Erica Houskeeper said...

The dog must love chasing bubbles! Looks like you're having fun in CT. Have a great time on the Cape and in Maine. Sounds wonderful.

Kathiesbirds said...

Dawn, love the bubbles! You should do that again! I am amazed that you were able to capture all the swirling colors! Have fun in Acadia!

diane-j-m said...

Great job with the bubbles!

A New England Life said...

Sometimes it's the little things that bring us the most joy. How fun! I'd like those walks too ; )

Cindy said...

Too much fun!! But for whom? I don't even see a dog in these pictures :) Geat pictures of all the swirley colors! Have fun on vacation.

Cathy Ross said...

Dawn...I LOVE this post!! Now I want to go out and buy a giant bubble maker!! Too Fun! Cathy

Julie G. said...

Wonderful bubble fun! Cool pictures too! The colors & reflections are beautiful. Happy post!

Larry said...

Mom looks like a spry young 80. I used to enjoy trying to make giant bubbles with those giant hoop rings.

dAwN said...

Will take photos in Acadia for sure..
glad you liked the bubbles!

Erica Houskeeper
Thanks for stopping by..actually the dog didnt seem to interested in the bubbles..her loss gain..hee hee

Thanks Kathie..I do want to take more photos of bubbles..can offer lots of color variation..
have a wonderful summer!

Thanks Diane..Have a wonderful summer!

A New England Life
yeah..loved playing with the bubbles. You can come walk with us anytime!

hee hee..yes fun for me..the dog didnt see very more fun for me..
Have a wonderful summer Cindy!

Cathy Ross
Oh ..I would LOVE to see any bubble photos you take..I am sure they will be amazing!

Julie G.
Thanks was allot of fun..and I hope to get my mother to blow a few more bubbles for me.

Thanks Larry....Muther does pretty well for an 80 year old.
Its fun blowing bubbles and fun chasing them.

Tink said...

Did chicklet get dizzy blowing bubbles? I know I used to. Love the photos!!

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