Friday, June 25, 2010

What? No birds or flowers?? #AdamLambert

Howdee all,

Went to my first Adam Lambert Concert last night with some of my family.

adam Lambert concert_019

I thought he was great when on American Idol.

I love him even more after last nights concert.

Wow..what a performer…not to mention his vocal range.

He sells out most venues he goes to..this was no exception..

The crowd loves him!

My sicsksta called to get tickets as soon as they were available..and still we were sitting way up on the balcony..

It didn't matter to me..he was Awesome.

So… enjoy the video clips below…

Sorry about the poor video quality..I had my little point and shoot and we were quite far away…adam Lambert concert_039

Still…I think you will enjoy…turn up the volume..

Adam Lambert


Sickstas…what is the name of this slow song?


What do you want from me..clip




The concert was so Rockin..that my Sicksta danced her shoe apart..:)

adam Lambert concert_044


  1. Love seeing it again sicksta!!! So glad you took some videos..

  2. Nice videos--sounds like a good concert and night out with your sicksta!

  3. OMG, He is SO HOT! You lucky girls.

  4. Oh no, the infamous shoe!!!! It was well worth it!!

  5. That must have been an awesome evening! (AI just won't be worth watching without Simon, I'm afraid.) Too bad you didn't get any video of your sister dancing!


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