Thursday, June 03, 2010

Big Bloomers Flower Farm, water plants

Howdee all,

When visiting my Sicksta in North Carolina I always like to visit Big Bloomers Flower Farm. Sicksta works at Big bloomers and she gives me the tour.

I was fascinated by these large planters with water plants in them.

arnd the garden_014

The plants were set in the pots in groupings..each plant in their own pot with gravel on top to weight it down.birds and big bloomers_055

If I had a garden.….I would love to have a few pots of these water plants.birds and big bloomers_054

The colors were bright

birds and big bloomers_052…I didn't take notes..and I cant tell you what plants these are… but I am sure you could call Big Bloomers to find out….birds and big bloomers_050This type of garden would need to come indoors for the winter.birds and big bloomers_049

I thought this was a fabulous way to use water plants…

birds and big bloomers_051

The flowering plant below was sold in a hanging pot.

birds and big bloomers_040Flower within a flower..birds and big bloomers_038

           Potted plant..Bee not includedbirds and big bloomers_057

Potted plants with cloud cover..

birds and big bloomers_042

  We aren't in North Carolina…as most of you know..

I have been busy with gardening and shopping with Mom.

The robins have left the nest..bluff pt, mom and dads_008 I found one in a nearby tree waiting to be fed.

mom and dads_026

I may not be blogging as much this summer…

I am taking a bit of a break from Facebook, twitter and blogging.

So instead of everyday…you may see me a few times a week or less..

Have a Wonderful summer!


  1. Enjoyed the photos of the water plants Dawn. Excellent captures!

    These make great container plants and with some well placed flat stones for perches, birds feel safe drinking from the water.

  2. Fantastic photos of these beautiful plants.

  3. Lovely flowers. Especially love the purple one with 3 leaves.


  4. Enjoy your time with the family Dawn!! Beautiful flowers!!

    I have to admit that I laughed when I saw the title to this post .... my Granny used to call her underwear "bloomers" - so when I saw Big Bloomers .... well you can imagine the chuckle I had :)

  5. Bloomers flowers are gorgeous no matter what they are. I like the idea of the water plants. Maybe even I could grow them with my black thumb. :)

    Have a great summer and keep us caught up when you can.

  6. Those are some beautiful pictures. I love nurseries and greenhouses. I'd really have trouble not taking all that home with me. Thanks for the tour.

  7. What?! the bee is not included, darn it! ;o) Excellent photos again-georgous color! I'm a new follower, so your time away will give me a chance to catch up on your blog. Have a wonderful summer!

  8. Dawn, I enjoyed the flower pics! Have a great break from your social networking!

  9. Amazing flowers and photo's of the flowers. Enjoy your time away from blogging, and enjoy your mom, dad and summer

  10. Lovely selection of colourful plants from Big Bloomers. I recognise Sarracenia (Pitcher Plant) and Zantedeschia (Calla Lily).
    Enjoy summer with parents and family Dawn...we all need a rest from time to time.
    Take care...FAB.

  11. Fantastic colorful flower photos Dawn! You deserve a break from blogging but a few times a week would be like blogging overtime for me.

  12. Thanks Friends for you kind comments..
    and sorry it has taken me so long to respond..
    I have been preoccupied with other things..
    hope to get back in the swing of things soon..


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