Friday, June 04, 2010

What have we done?

This is horrible..

I felt I needed to post this so people realize how tragic this is for the wildlife.
What have we done?

Warning..very graphic
Click on the link to see the photos.

Caught in the oil - The Big Picture -

Raw Video of Birds Trapped in the Oil..via Mike McDowell


  1. I can't help but feeling that we as a nation are somehow responsible for the grief we bare in the gulf. We've had a greed for oil for so many years and here we are wondering what went wrong. And maybe the problem is all due to prior leadership of our country. Either way, you can be sure it won't be the last oil tragedy. What have we done, is right.

    Not sure if you follow this blog, Dawn so I'll leave the link: There's a great update on oiled pelicans that was just posted this morning. They are also on facebook and twitter.


  2. Also, go here and click on the PDF for a daily report of the # of oiled birds.

  3. Perhaps not graphic enough to wake us up to the destruction we cause with our gluttonous Want for oil.

  4. Dawn we have to keep posting the footage, as a reminder and hopefully it will burn a memory of this devastation into everybody's mind and soul!

  5. I keep saying to my husband, I think this will be much worse than any of us can predict, when all is said and done. I think with all the dispersant used, and those oil slicks they find in the water versus floating on the top where it can be seen, it's going to be a mega disaster for the wildlife. How will we be able to make this right with our environment and wildlife, if it's even possible?

  6. Thanks all..this is truly a horrible tragedy..
    We will be feeling the effects for many years to some.

    Thanks Sharon for the links.


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