Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sacramento..walking around

Howdee all,

Two days ago Geno took us around his town..Sacramento _005

One thing that impressed me is the number of trees throughout the city..

this is the Cork Oak..

Sacramento _001The Crocker art museum 

Sacramento _014A Beautiful Golden u see how the bridge is being raised for the tall ship?Sacramento _019 We decided to take a look at the ship that came in..Sacramento _020On the way…an Owl  ..You see, I do look for birds…Sacramento _024 The sailing vessel is for educational purposes…Sacramento _027 This boat below is now a Hotel…Sacramento _030  Trains and a Train museum in Old Town Sacramento  Sacramento _036 Rust and glassSacramento _039 Jeff standing underneath some huge digging toolSacramento _041 An Old Hardware store…Sacramento _042 Sacramento _043 Really cute art

Sacramento _048At the courthouse Sacramento _049i enjoyed the different types of Art and sculpture around town Sacramento _052I loved the sculptures in front of the Convention Center   Sacramento _057Sacramento _060Sacramento _055 This was one of my favorites..Sacramento _059  Inside the Hyatt…

Gov. Arnolds home when he is in town.Sacramento _061  And the interesting topiary outside of the hotelSacramento _066   The State CapitolSacramento _101Arnold was not inSacramento _073  We were allowed to go into the Reception area..Sacramento _074Jeff took Arnolds card..just in case we needed to call him…Sacramento jefffs   (4) Under the Dome…Sacramento _078California's Role in the Civil war… Sacramento _082 Sacramento _084 I enjoyed the different tiles thru out the Capitol BuildingSacramento _088 Sacramento _089 The view from the Capitol Building…Sacramento _100  We then proceeded to walk back to Genos..

Passing where the Original tower Records started..

Sacramento _102 The large tower is the old and still existing theatre…

There is a wonderful restaurant in this building now..Tower Cafe

Listen to the NPR interview with the owner

or check out the menu

Sacramento _104  The old tower record shop ..which is still a record store owned by the originator of Tower Records…Sacramento _108 At Genos..I found art…

BonsaiSacramento _110 And More…Sacramento _114    Yesterday we did some birding….today..

Toured where the Gold Rush Began!


  1. Great post on Sacramento. I love the artwork and the sculptures are all cool looking. Great tour and visit to the State Capitol building. Wonderful photos and memories for you. I would love to visit the wineries. Is somebody the designated driver?

  2. How fun! Was this your first Sacramento tour?

  3. I very much enjoyed your trawl around Sacramento. So glad Jeff didn't get scooped up! Loved the sculptures outside the Courthouse. FAB.

  4. You saw a lot in a day. Geno is a great tour guide. Love all the sculptures, and the floor tiles. Hope you don't have a need to call Arnold.
    Hmmm, wineries.

  5. Gosh that looks like lots of fun! I've never been to've made it look like a lovely place to visit!

  6. Wow, Geno gave you a great tour of some very interesting places. A guided tour cost a lot, so you got a great deal having Geno as your friend. I relly liked the rust and glass shot!

  7. Oh I love is sooo colorful and it has sooo much culcha. Love the sculptures. Loved seeing Geno's place and Jeffie under the huge sculpture. That picture with the pyramid? and glass tower in the background was such a cool contrast. Kind of shocking and lovely at the same time. That was a blast. Thanks for the tour.

  8. The sculptures in front of the convention center are awesome! You got a lot of great shots of Sacramento.

  9. What a neat town! Who knew? :c)

  10. BEAUTIFUL!!! I was expecting blah..blah...since we never see photos of Sacramento! You found some wonderful spots. I love your favorite art, too!

    And the cork tree! I don't think I've ever seen one.

  11. Nice to see some leaf color on the other coast! Safe travels, as always!

  12. Gee Dawn, you made my hometown look good. And just think, more to come!!
    Luv' all the comments from yur' following...
    Tomorrow, more art and pub hopping!!
    geno, the tour guide

  13. eileeninmd
    Glad you enjoyed the tour..we didnt do the wineries yet..but yes..some one will have to be a teetotaler that day..

    yes sicksta..that was our first Sacramento tour.

    The Early Birder
    Glad you enjoyed the Trawl..Love your accent..its FAB

    Yeah we covered allot with our great tour guide..So far no need to call Arnold..but..u never know..we will keep the card just in case.

    my first visit..and it is a lovely small city..

    yes..we sure do have a great tour guide..might have to give him a big tip..hee hee..

    Thanks for the great comment Sicksta..

    Debbie Miller
    yeah..arent those sculptures cool!
    thanks for the kind comment.

    Yes its quite a nice place..really are enjoying our visit.

    yeah..i was surprised how nice this small city is..wonderful tree lined has its yucky areas like all cities..but overall very nice.

    Warren and Lisa Strobel
    yes some great fall colors happening here now..thanks for commenting..

    Glad u liked the post and are enjoying all the comments..
    We look forward to more touring with you.

  14. Looks like a beautiful city. We loved San Francisco and should have visited Sacramento instead of LA. So much more I have to see in California...


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