Sunday, November 15, 2009

Otos market, UC Davis and

Howdee all,

I have missed a few posts, which I hope to get to later..

We are having a nice time in Sacramento. Today Geno took us to this great Japanese Market..

Japanese market_005

We found all sorts of goodies..those long things I am holding are Burdock Root, which I love sautéed with CarrotsJapanese market_001Purchased some Soba noodles and other goodies   Japanese market_004Geno then took us to his Alma Mata, the University of California Campus.

The campus was pretty quiet..We think the students were either sleeping late or at the Football game.

Below is the Performing Arts Center    UC Davis_002

Interesting upside down head sculptureUC Davis_005Cork Oak lined street UC Davis_006 I have to find out what this tree is…UC Davis_008 Do any of you have any idea? Sicksta Adele or Lori might know.

UC Davis_010 UC Davis_011 Western Scrub JayUC Davis_013 UC Davis_015 We took a walk in the ArboretumUC Davis_017 Where Mallards slept on the creek bedUC Davis_021 And although it is Fall….

UC Davis_023The flowers are bloomingUC Davis_022  UC Davis_026I loved the wavy reflections.. UC Davis_028 

How fun would it be to go to school here..

I am imagining..tasting wine and food all day….

UC Davis_034A veggie garden on campus..UC Davis_030 Artichoke and purple flowersUC Davis_032 A Ladybug hanging out on the Artichoke leaves..UC Davis_033   PomegranatesUC Davis_036And Roses still blooming, I thought it was great to see roses this time of year..

  My mother, in Connecticut, just sent me a photo of her Roses that are still blooming there… UC Davis_037  We drove thru Yolo bypass Nature preserveUC Davis_040 Some drive by birdingUC Davis_041 It was a quick stopUC Davis_042 See the photo below..Sacramento in the distance..UC Davis_044 We had to hurry home so the boys could take a nap..

before the artwalk, downtown..UC Davis_045   Next post…Artwalk


  1. Really great photos, loved all the trees that I have never ever seen in my life. They are all gorgeous.

  2. The food you bought really looked interesting, you will have to show the finished meals that you create with all those ingredients.

  3. Could they be California buckeyes?
    Love your ladybug.
    Mmmmmmm - pomegranates!

  4. Dawn, you may have missed a few posts but made up for it here.

    My x-Japanese BIL took me to a Japanese market in LA and although I only knew a few things to buy it sure was interesting. He prepared an authentic meal.

    The UCDavis looks modern and I like they have a vegie garden. Love the head. ;-)

    Interesting ornaments on the unknown tree.

    Arboretums are always great. Fall and flowers are nice together. Didn't realize there was one so close to Sacto, or the preserve either. Guess I was young when visiting grandparents there.

    I absolutely love the wavy reflection.

  5. Wow, you have found and photographed some interesting trees and fruit(?) can't help you out a bit but..I will definitely have to stop back and see the answers to your post/photo questions..what a visit you are at that up-side-down sculptural head!! Pretty neat!

  6. Yolo Bypass is on my "must see" list if I ever get back out there to visit my brother. He reports that snow geese and tundra swans are beginning to arrive in the wetlands near his place north of Sacramento.

  7. Chicky
    ok chicky muther..i will try and remember to show u the food I am cooking with the ingredients i bought from the store.

    thanks Bobbie..I will have to google california buckeyes..i have no clue.

    Howdie ..yeah .i am trying to catch up again with my blog reading..the arboretum is on the campus of UC Davis..not far from Sacramento. there are many great places to bird around here.

    Howdee Tina..still no ID on the tree ..oh was really quite interesting.

    yes you must go to the bypass...lots of birds..This is my first time to Sacramento..lots to see and do here.
    Great places to bird. your brother lives in a great area!

  8. I loved the Western Scrub Jay. Such a pretty color of blue. I also liked the reflection in the water. Very cool!


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