Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Checkin out the California Gold Rush towns..

Howdee all,

Geno took us on a tour checking out a few Gold Rush towns..

“The Gold Rush started at Sutter's Mill, near Coloma.[3] On January 24, 1848 James W. Marshall, a foreman working for Sacramento pioneer John Sutter, found pieces of shiny metal in the tailrace of a lumber mill Marshall was building for Sutter, along the American River.[4] Marshall quietly brought what he found to Sutter, and the two of them privately tested the findings. The tests showed Marshall's particles to be gold. Sutter was dismayed by this, and wanted to keep the news quiet because he feared what would happen to his plans for an agricultural empire if there were a mass search for gold.[5] However, rumors soon started to spread and were confirmed in March 1848 by San Francisco newspaper publisher and merchant Samuel Brannan. The most famous quote of the California Gold Rush was by Brannan; after he had hurriedly set up a store to sell gold prospecting supplies,[6] Brannan strode through the streets of San Francisco, holding aloft a vial of gold, shouting "Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River!"[7] With the news of gold, many families trying their luck at Californian farming decided to go for the gold, becoming some of California’s first miners.”

information via  wikipedia

First stop was the town of Coloma in the Coloma Valley

The Below statue is of James Marshall who found the first nugget.

He never did make a fortune.

California Gold Rush tour_004 American River..Where the mill was..California Gold Rush tour_006RV resort across the river ..nice location, but a bit pricey California Gold Rush tour_008 Replica of the Original Mill At Marshall Park

We visited the Museum at Marshall was very interesting and worth the visitCalifornia Gold Rush tour_009 what is this you ask? ..just wood with purdy colors me says….California Gold Rush tour_010 There were lots of Acorn woodpeckers around..but they didn't cooperate for photos..

They do have a nice red head..

California Gold Rush tour_011 I am hoping a Sicksta might ID this shrub..with this lovely flower..California Gold Rush tour_013Amador City 

..check out the website..

Several Historic buildings……California Gold Rush tour_014 California Gold Rush tour_015Garden art I wished I could bring home to my Sickstas.. California Gold Rush tour_017 California Gold Rush tour_018 Kennedy Gold Mine near Jackson

The Kennedy Mine, famous for being one of the deepest gold mines in the world (at 5912 feet)California Gold Rush tour_021  Jackson

This giant wheel was once outfitted with numerous buckets to remove tailings and waste from the Kennedy Mine site, and transport them over a ridge to a storage reservoir. The tailings had been causing pollution in one of the sources of drinking water for the town of Jackson. .California Gold Rush tour_027 California Gold Rush tour_028 California Gold Rush tour_029 California Gold Rush tour_031  California Gold Rush tour_033 Kennedy Mine seen thru the wheel…California Gold Rush tour_034Back in Sacramento…  Dinner at Tower Cafe..

Very eclectic decor and  food.California Gold Rush tour_036Very good and highly recommended by me

I had a green curry dish which was delicious.. We also came here for breakfast..the French toast is wonderful.California Gold Rush tour_037 We didn't have any of the desserts…but they sure looked good.California Gold Rush tour_039

Today we took another walking tour of Sacramento..

visiting Sutter's Fort SHP 

I didn't take photos..but enjoyed the park.


  1. Loved the rustic color in these shots and great view of Tower Cafe .. I haven't seen an acorn woodpecker yet, Lucky!

  2. It is amazing to think that back then many people left England to search for gold in America. My wife's grandfather was one such gold prospector, leaving his family behind to fend for themselves.
    I am not sure how long he was away, but he returned eventually, penniless.

  3. looks like a real fun spot to visit, and great pictures


  4. wow, what cool places to visit! Shrub looks like it might be a European Arbutus Strawberry Tree [Arbutus unedo]

  5. ...very cool. I'd like to see one of those Ghost Towns. I like the Acorn Woodpecker photo--nice view of that red cap!

  6. great photos and love the blue skies--we are getting rain today. I saw the acorn woodpecker in Belize and didn't realize it was in California. Nice post.

  7. Very cool mine. You folks sure do get around. Another great tour Dawn.

  8. Great pictures as always! I loved those autumn colors over the river. And I totally forgot how much interesting stuff there is in the Sacramento area--thanks for sharing!

  9. Now that's a woodpecker I have to look up in my birdee acorn wp? Loved your photos, as usual..such nice crystal clear colors you capture with that camera. I do like all those deserts at the end..since I don't have access to cakes or pies..hmmm makes me want to find that leftover Halloween candy and munch!!

  10. loved the wood shot and those pink flowers are really different!

  11. I don't know when I'll get out west, so it's great traveling with you. Thanks.

  12. These are fantastic photos. I would love to visit there.


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