Monday, November 02, 2009

Oregon Coast drive..

Howdee all,

A few days ago we took a very nice day drive with friends along the Coast. We started in Florence and drove just south of Yachats to begin our driving tour.

The town you see is Yachats…home of the Yachats mushroom festival which Jeff and I always attend when visiting the area.

oregon coast drive_001

We then drove to a scenic overlook…

oregon coast drive_006

For awesome views of the coast and the road we just traveled.oregon coast drive_007 The view below is of Yachats…oregon coast drive_010 It was a very chilly, windy day…overcast most of the day

oregon coast drive_019   Occasionally the sun would show.

We stopped at this scenic area on the way to Heceta head lighthouse.oregon coast drive_022We found out they were filming a childrens  Wildlife…oregon coast drive_024

There is a bed below in the middle of everyone..the headboard has shells and fishing nets attached to it..oregon coast drive_023 We walk up to the lighthouse oregon coast drive_025And were lucky to be just in time for a tour oregon coast drive_026 The most distant building with red roof below was one of the lightkeepers homes.oregon coast drive_028  There were several lightkeepers many years ago.

You can read about the lighthouse here..

oregon coast drive_030They just received a grant to restore some of the old features back to the lighthouse..oregon coast drive_029 oregon coast drive_031The staircase is free standing… oregon coast drive_032 Another view of the light keepers a bed and breakfast.oregon coast drive_034 oregon coast drive_035  We continue our road trip…see the light house in the distance?oregon coast drive_037 oregon coast drive_038 Below us….hundreds of sea lionsoregon coast drive_039      And more views..oregon coast drive_045Of the very scenic coastlineoregon coast drive_044 And lighthouse..oregon coast drive_042

oregon coast drive_041

My new computer seems to be running fine..

A slow process adding software, changing settings, importing data..

But so far I am really liking windows 7.

Hope to be Tweeting, facebooking and visiting blogs soon.


  1. What a magical place Dawn! Thanks for taking us along with you. :c)

  2. ...if I want to be wowed, all I have to do is drop by your site. You do know the places to go. You need to write a travel guide!! that lighthouse and seeing all the sea lions, fantastic!

  3. Wow, now that's a beautiolicious coast!

  4. Your photos are gorgeous. The coastline in the Pacific Northwest is so dramatic! I visited a small coastal town in Washington many years ago, but I would love to check out the Oregon coastline. I looked up Yachats on a map....I had never heard of it. Thanks for posting.

  5. So, so beautiful! as is the entire west coast. The lighthouse and the views from it are marvelous!

  6. I love the Oregon coast. I just got a new laptop with Win7. I'm not so much of a fan. I try to switch tabs in my Google browser and the stupid top navigation buttons keep appearing! Also, I hate the new task bar down at the bottom. I never know what I have open.

  7. Oh, you are in one of my favorite areas... and visiting one of my favorite lighthouses too! :)

  8. Darlene Hayden What absolutely beautiful photos. One place in the U.S. that I haven't been too, but long to see.. Great Job.

  9. Your photos are almost mythical. What an incredible place to visit! To bad it was cold, but you sure wouldn't know it by looking at the pictures.

    Wonderful Dawn.

  10. great views from both inside and outside the lighthouses.

  11. Thanks for the views of the west coast & glad to hear the new PC is behaving itself. Have fun. FAB.

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  13. I love the way you sequenced the photos I felt like I was along with you on your wonderful trip. Great photos and am glad the computer is working out fine.

  14. The lighthouse looks like a scene from Claire Cook's new book, The Wildflower Walking Club.

    The sea lions. . .WOW!

  15. Dawn,
    Never a dull moment on your blog, girl...the places you don't go to and visit..wonderful shots and just gorgeous vistas. I'm glad you had clear weather..and got such great photos!
    also glad to hear you like your new pc...half the the software!!

  16. Howdee Frienda and family...Sorry I havent been around to visit blogs, facebook, twitter etc..
    Between computer issues, visiting friends and stocking up on mushrooms i have been busy...
    I feel like i have been saying that allot lately..
    dont know when or if i will ever catch up..but hope to visit u all soon.

    Hi Jayne..thanks for coming along!

    Thanks Kelly..the wow gal herself..I havent been to your blog in a while..sorry..i have been so overwhelmed..hope to get there soon..

    Its gorgeous here would love love it.

    Erica Houskeeper
    Thanks for really is a beautiful coast. I do have to say that you are live in one of my favorite states...

    Thanks for stopping by bobbie..hope to check out your shadow shots soon..

    Patrick Belardo
    humm..i dont know what u mean about the google browser..I use firefox and the tabs work well.
    As far as the taskbar at the bottom..if something is open it has a greyed square around least on my computer..
    hope u get used to windows 7..

    yes of my favorite areas too..especially this time of year with all the mushrooms popping up.

    Thanks..and thanks for visiting.

    Warren and Lisa Strobel
    it is pronounced Ya Hots

    Thanks so much for your kind commnet and thanks for stopping by.

    A New England Life
    Thanks Sharon..hope to visit you very soon...

    Debbie Miller
    Thanks so much Debbie..

    Thanks sicksta!!!

    The Early Birder
    yeah..thanks far the new computer is working well..I always wonder each time I add a new program.


    Appalachian Lady
    Thanks so much..glad you enjoyed the visit..and so far so good with my new computer..

    oh cool..might have to get the book..and of course come visit you..miss your humor..

    Thanks so much..I always enjoy your blog as well...hope to visit you very soon...

    Thanks again everyone for you kind comments...hope to visit you all very soon.

  17. I really think this Oregon coast has got to be one of the most spectacular in the WORLD! Thanks for bring us along.

  18. I really think this Oregon coast has got to be one of the most spectacular in the WORLD! Thanks for bring us along.

  19. Gosh Dawn, it's all so beautiful!
    Didja see any good birds too?

  20. Wonderful photos of the Oregon coastline. I love the lighthouse and the beautiful views.

  21. troutbirder
    Thanks for coming along..yes,,I agree.. the Oregon coast is spectacular..

    yes saw some good birds and a lifer ..the red throated phalerope

    Thanks so much..glad you enjoyed.

  22. This photo with the lighthouse in the distance is just great!


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