Monday, November 09, 2009

Bay Beaching

Howdee all,

A few days ago I went for a walk with a friend to the Bay which is front of the very nice housing development we were parked in.

Huge tree stumps, remnants of logging years ago, add sculptural quality to the beach.Beach combing jims_002 This old boat..May have been used for logging..Beach combing jims_007 Anyone have any ideas?Beach combing jims_005

I was in search of agates,,I found none..i did find pieces of glass and china from and old cannery that existed here many years ago..the upright wood pilings that you see are from the cannery.

Beach combing jims_003Black turnstones hung out with us as we searchedBlack turnstone_002

It was supposed to have been low tide..but my friend said that the tide never did get low like normal..the storms were still brewing up waves into the bay..Black turnstone_001

And if you didn't watch your could end up pretty wet. I didn't get wet in the video below..but it was a close call.


We will be in Sacramento shortly, we will be here for two weeks visiting our friend Geno who is going to whip us into shape with some hiking, birding and whatever else he thinks we need…humm I will be looking on the ground for shrooms too.


  1. Beautiful beach to take a walk even if the low tide didn't get very low. I wouldn't even have guessed that was a boat, but it's a cool rusty shape. I found agates along the OR coast somewhere but can't remember where. Have fun in Sacto. There's mushrooms there?

  2. Looking for agates, finding china. . . how do you KNOW this stuff??? You're a walking...and riding National Geographic!

  3. Nice area - reminds a little of some of my spots in Brooklyn NY. Love the Turnstone video.

  4. Pretty pictures. Reminds me of my side yard...not the seabirds or the water or the cool rusty boat..not that I wouldn't want any of them in my side yard...specially the rusty boat ha that would be sooo cool..can you guess...of course you can...its the sand that reminds me of my side yard.

  5. Gaelyn
    Howdee Gaelyn,
    I need to look again for time we are there..I havent found any shrooms in Sac..not enough rain..hoping when I get to the coast in a few weeks we will find them.

    yeah it was a great spot!

    hee hee...Yes thats me..I only wish i was as intelligent as a National Geographic..I am more like the Ranger Rick mag..

    Thanks ...didnt know there were spots like that in Brooklyn..will have to let u show me where those places are next time we are in the area.

    Oh how i wish I could have put that boat in a backpack for you!


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